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When I’m not taking photos, what the heck am I doing with my life? Well, I am usually spending time with my hubby, my friends, and my family.

I freaking love to travel, a little too obsessed with shopping, and have an insane collection of shoes. Huge taco fan, the beach is my least favorite place, and if I could spend every weekend reading a book or watching a good show on Netflix- I would!

My faith is a big part of my life and God has blessed my family and I in so many ways.

My favorite thing about photography is documenting special moments. I love when people truly feel comfortable and start to love being in front of the camera. The expression that people have on their faces after seeing the magic that they created is the best feeling in the world.

I LOVE having fun and laughing (I have the funniest cackle & sometimes snort if you are lucky) and want you to experience that with me.. HA! Let’s make the best memories ever together ✨

Top Three Choices

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Downtown Jacksonville

Camp Milton

In homes

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