Hi it’s me, Sierra!

Let me introduce my self!

I’m Sierra, a 21 year old who’s always had the desire to be a strong, hard working woman, and someday future mama.

I’ve always had this thought in the back of mind telling me I need to do something different and take charge of my life and do something I love for myself, but something that also makes me money, and something that I could thrive at , that also allowed me to be a stay at home mama someday too.

I’m a small town Idaho girl and I love getting out and spending time outdoors with friends and family, but I also love to take care of my skin and hair with the best products.

I’ve always kinda been in the search of products that work well for my specific hair and skin needs but there was always something about each product I tried that I didn’t absolutely love.

Then I was introduced to a vegan hair and skincare company that combined my desire to work from home and to have the best hair and skin care products all in one! A company where I could easily make money on my own time while also impacting those around me on social media.
AND having the healthiest hair and skin that I’ve had in my entire life!

Being your own boss is something everyone is capable of. Whether you’re a mama , student, or traditional 9-5 job worker, you can make this happen with a little bit of effort.

Ask me about this amazing opportunity and how to can change your life, just like it did mine. I’d love to help you!