Hey, I’m Sierra. 👋🏻

This is a space for me to be me…

I’m a sassy brunette in my early thirties. (Taurus & oldest child all the way. 😅) I’m married, and a mom of 3 feral little humans. (Ages 13, 5, & 3.) If you are looking for me to fit inside your narrow box, I will only disappoint you. ♡♡♡

I’m a labor doula & certified childbirth educator, specializing in working with families who desire an out-of-hospital birth. I am wildly passionate about informed consent and genital autonomy. My family & I strive to live a low-tox lifestyle. This year I hope to take more time for myself, and learning to grow some things in our garden. (And maybe finish a few sewing projects along the way.) I’m currently on a journey of abstaining from alcohol. I have ADHD (ADD) and Osteoarthritis (in my hips). I’m a huge advocate for cannabis and natural medicine in general. Since I consume for those purposes I’m considered “Cali Sober”.

Some interesting facts about me: I’m a survivor. 💪🏻 I’ve spent time in the military, and was a teen mom, having an accidentally unassisted home birth at 19. I have lived in 6 states and was a former interior design major. Sometimes I feel like I’ve already lived 100 lifetimes and sometimes that doesn’t feel like nearly enough at all. 😍

I’m planning to use this space more like a blog than a website, and track these adventures as I’m able. Thank you for being here with me. 🙏🏻

(All views and opinions expressed are my own. No medical advice.)

Sharing my experience with this unique wardrobe challenge

This year I plan to collect less “stuff” and go on more adventures. ⋒

I stumbled upon this 100 Day Dress Challenge on Instagram and it seemed simple enough: wear a wool dress for 100 days and receive $100. I have dabbled in fiber arts and sewing, etc. & as a former cloth diapering mama to 3 kids, I know the incredible versatility of wool, and it’s sustainability benefits. (Did I mention I also minored in sustainability in college?!) This was a challenge that called to me, but for more than just the obvious reasons.

You see, I also have ADD/ADHD (mine is less hyperactivity but people don’t seem to differentiate the 2 much anymore). This is something I’ve spent my lifetime struggling to get a grasp on, and was only diagnosed as an adult in the last decade. Unfortunately this also means there are many mornings spent standing in front of my closet, so overwhelmed by the choice of what to wear each day. I am riddled with anxiety and don’t know where to start so I freeze, panic, possibly grab something that completely makes me feel like hot garbage or reach for the same 3 things over and over. It’s a mess.

This last year has been one of breaking open the molds and releasing bondage and exploring a life that I have chosen. One in which I am free of such superficial and emotional thoughts over the seeming simple idea of what to wear each day. Where I’m free to step into my own personality and discover who I really am. Because if clothes are an expression of who we are, then who are we when they don’t express that? Who are we when we are invited to show the world on our own? Wool& mentions the “spotlight effect” in their blog and for that, and so many other reasons, I have accepted their wardrobe challenge. I will be sharing my journey mostly on Instagram. (No guarantee that I will publicly post all 100 days.) But I look forward to seeing what I learn over the next few months.

Here are just a few quick stats:
Dress worn: Willow Swing Dress Long
Size: L
Color: Black
Start date: January 20, 2022
100 Days: April 30, 2022

Wool& 100 Day Dress Challenge

Cali Sober Living Since July 2021

“Cali Sober” - Abstaining from alcohol but not cannabis. 🌿

In July of 2021 I set out to be more mindful of my alcohol consumption and to support my body & health by staying away from harmful and inflammatory substances.

I initially set out to just try 30 days of saying “no thank you” to alcohol, but I’ve discovered a much freer feeling without it. I’ve lost weight, gained so much energy, and my sleep has improved. Sure, there’s the nitty, gritty, and just plain shitty stuff too. But so far, I’m feeling good and know this is the right path for me.

25 Sober Communities Beyond Traditional AA



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