Meet your mentor

I’m so glad you clicked the link!
First things first, hi - I’m Sierra!

I’m a culinary pastry chef graduate who went with a different role in life.
First a mama, then a wifey & a business girl x3 on top of it all. You could say i like to keep busy, but I love the rush of it all!

Working from home has always been my dream, but I’m making it my reality one shampoo and makeup pallet at a time. And these jobs are like no other - a gift that allows me to make my own schedule, work with amazing determined ladies with the same goals in mind, achieve bonuses and ranks all from my phone - anywhere.
The best part about this is..
I can offer it to YOU

Being apart of the beauty world is my fun job & helping others feel their best is what makes it seem like it’s not a job. These anti-aging, cruelty free,award winning hair care and skincare products have boosted my self confidence and changed the over all look of my hair and skin.

Come make an income while making an impact!

The Business

I am committed to helping girls build their brand and be successful to meet the goals they’ve set. Being the true, real, authentic person you are is what is going to make the business work with you.

Having ladies apart of my team from all different walks of life - working moms, stay at home moms, students, teachers, nurses, skincare lovers and more is what makes he business fun. This opportunity is truly for everyone and anyone!
Jump out of your comfort zone and watch how much you grow!

Some of the amazing perks within the business that caught my eye.
- top compensation plan
- free training
- ability to earn free trips
- car program
- no website fee
- no quotas or inventory
-ability to out rank!

Not to mention the discount & team get togethers😉