Who Am I?

What do I do?

Hello!!! My name is Silver! I am an actress/singer from Singapore who discovered my calling in helping others with their body image and health after having gone through an amazing transformation personally.

Having struggled with body image issues throughout my entertainment career and being in the limelight, I had almost given up hope on how my body was going to look or feel like, attributing it to "being in my 30s" and "chubby genes".

One day in May 2018, I discovered ketones, ketosis, how nutrition REALLY works and how I felt lied to my entire life up to that point. Since then I have made it my mission to help others who have had struggles with their health or body image, and have had success with thousands of lives worldwide so far.

What is this about?

So what's my story?

On 7 May 2018, I got to know of ketones from a friend. I was worried that it might be another of those things which wouldn't work, but I gave it a try anyway because I witnessed the physical change in my friend. I was blown away by my own changes in my body composition.

I relearnt everything I thought I knew about nutrition, and incorporated the drinks into my daily routine, and the rest was history. I never looked back. There was no dieting, no starving, no meal replacements, no crazy exercising, and I was eating foods I actually enjoyed which I never thought was part of the equation.

I started sharing my journey on social media, and I've been grateful to have a number of you join me on this journey.

Ever since, I have gotten feedback like the ones below:

- "The energy is amazing! I no longer feel groggy mid day and I don't feel the need to nap these days!"

- "It's Day 2 and I haven't been able to sleep like this (6 good hours) in 3 years! I used to sleep only 1-2 hours each time. So so grateful!"

- "I've tried many things and this has been the only thing that has been able to help me lose the post-pregnancy body fat."

- "I don't know whether it's the hormone regulation happening but my period is now regular after having irregular periods for years! And I no longer have crazy period cramps!"

- "I feel like I get through my day feeling a lot better than before, plus I'm not so easily agitated by my kids and my husband."

Personally, apart from the fat loss, I too noticed I no longer feel the need for naps, and I am definitely more productive throughout the day with the increased energy and focus.

So here I am, and if you feel I can be a good fit or a coach or mentor or just someone you would like to ask to find out more, drop me a dm on my Instagram. I might not be ALWAYS on my phone, but I will usually respond within 12 hours! ❤️

But if you're a little apprehensive to talk to me still, go to this website below and click around. You'll find some info. You'll know where to find me. 💋