What up! I’m Simon and this is my internet home.

I fight for free thought with every tool I have

I am a seasoned actor, writer, filmmaker, unschooling father and long time truth teller on a mission to win the on going war against free thought & human liberty. With over 15 years of experience creating comedy theatre, and a background as a former minister, I uplift hidden truths using laughter and deep insight as weapons. My wide ranging digital portfolio includes my documentary collaboration with film maker Adam Riva, Vague Rules: insight into communist warfare in North America (DauntlessDialogue.com), my series Worlds Within: a three season exploration of the spiritual nature of warfare, cultivating inner awareness, and the mystery of human learning (Rise.TV); my 60 minute sketch
comedy special Theorize About Conspiracies! (Rise.TV), and my sci-fi sketch comedy series Simon Esler’s Dystopian Imaginarium (Rise.TV). My latest docuseries, Superorganism, explores the occulted war on the family and the traditional family unit’s evolutionary potential to act as a superorganism for gathering human wisdom.

Superorganism is now streaming exclusively on DauntlessDialogue.com.
You can also check out Finding Free Thought my bi-weekly podcast with my partner Amanda, available on YouTube, Podbean & Apple Podcasts.


My Comedy

Laugh With Me!

Ready to transform the darkness around us? Ready to embrace duality and chortle at how dystopian life on earth is? I know you need to CHORTLE! Don’t worry, I got you.

  1. Unacceptable Adam Vs Acceptable Alex

  2. What if Trudeau Was Obsessed w New Socks?

  3. Woke Grooming in the Adult World

  4. End Covid Induced Diarrhea

  5. New Age & Alternative Health Mandates

  6. Pamuel (Song)

  7. Trudeau & Biden Truckers Phone Call

  8. Fuck You Carl! (Join my Locals Community!)

  9. The Gender Matrix!

  10. Simon Esler’s Dystopian Imaginarium Trailer

  11. Theorize About Conspiracies Trailer

  12. The Death of Fake News • An Alternate Timeline

  13. Conspiracy Dad Episode 1

  14. Conspiracy Dad Episode 2

  15. Conspiracy Dad - PUTIN!

  16. The Surveillance State Pleases Karen

  17. DoubleSpeak or Die!

  18. Dear COVID 19 • A Love Letter

  19. Epstein Jellyfish

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“Without free thought, there’s no free will.” - MK Ultra Survivor Cathy O’Brien

My Media Diet

My curation of funny and truthful media

Yup. It’s a culture war. And an information war. And a psychological war. And a spiritual war. So...what you choose to consume is a form of warfare! Not only can we be misled by misinformation and disinformation but we can be drawn into information that is truthful yet entirely irrelevant to our personal awakening.


We the Media

I have found We the Media to be one of the most trustworthy sources of alternative news aggregation, analysis and original reporting online. Not all their contributors agree and the space they allow for dissent within their own ranks has always impressed me. They also provide extremely timely debunking of mainstream disinformation.

Real News: For The People By The People.

Stillness in the Storm

Stillness in the Storm is not only an amazing resource for keeping up with the complexity of the unfolding information war but also a resource for tools of discernment. Founder Justin Deschamps has integrated discourse surrounding discernment into the foundation of the website itself, making it a superb mental environment for getting into the weeds of modern media. Not only that but Stillness in the Storm has been around for so long that the site has become is highly searchable archive for both mainstream and alternative news.

Stillness in the Storm

Matt Walsh

Matt Walsh combines free thinking with raw authenticity and deep knowledge of self. Matt clearly knows who he is in a very stable and clear way. You don’t have to agree with him but you can rely on him to analyze what’s unfolding with the deepest most logical truths available to him, and this consistently offered is a true gem.

Matt Walsh

Tyler Fischer

Tyler is a supremely talented comedian who has been unafraid of using his skills to expose the hypocrisy of the entire COVID plandemic. He came from a background in personally escaping woke-ism, which makes his insight powerful and funny at once.

Tyler Fischer

Rebel News

Without Rebel News there would be no professional, national news outlets to challenge state run media in Canada. Rebel News is a legendary source of information much to the chagrin of the Canadian Deep State.

Rebel News

Ground News

Many of us see the political spectrum itself as a psychological operation stoking tribalism and division. Ground News is especially beneficial because they emphasize the blind spots emerging in each wing of the political party. Each story comes with info on which political bias is at play. This is a genuinely solid tool in an information war.

Ground News

The Truth Factory

Do you like high quality reports, debunking the legacy media, delivered by a cat? This is it.

The Truth Factory

Brent Pella

Brent Pella is consistently very funny while offering social commentary that is rich and highly shareable.

Brent Pella

Conspiracy Castle

No one is trolling the deep state both locally and virally online like Conspiracy Castle. NO ONE.

Conspiracy Castle

Another Frog

Top notch viral videos on important events and media manipulation.

Another Frog

Really Graceful

Phenomenal source for short, high quality documentaries that function as effective red pills.

Really Graceful

Truthstream Media

Powerful filmmakers Aaron & Melissa Dykes are always extremely measured and thorough in their documentaries. Their documentary The Minds of Men was groundbreaking.

Truthstream Media


A massive database of peer reviewed studies on alternative medicine and also a decent resource for articles and free thinking thought leaders.


Jordan Sather

Jordan is laser focused on winning the information war. He won’t pander to groupthink or placate to misleading info many in the alternative news community happily propagate. He is a true digital solider and an excellent follow if you want to practice seeing through disinformation and sticking to what is known.

Jordan Sather

The Epoch Times

With a strong focus on truth and tradition the Epoch Times offers a consistent mainstream quality news. Excellent mind maps/research graphics!!

The Epoch Times


Having worked with the Rise TV crew since 2019 I can say that their regular news analysis is in depth, entertaining and always sure to keep the evil of communism in their crosshairs.

Rise TV

Vigilant News

An emerging news source that spawned from the team behind Stillness in the Storm. Well worth following.

Vigilant News