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Hi Gals!

I’m Sarah. A stay at home wife & mama to two little ladies in Southwest Michigan!

I’m a sucker for a good deal but quality + price are a must! That’s where I stumbled upon 2 amazing companies that I’m apart of and absolutely love- Red Aspen & Seint!

For a while I missed the luxuries of getting my nails done but with 2 toddlers and a husband who never gets out of work at the same time each day, it’s hard and became costly. That’s where Red Aspen Nail Dashes came in! Affordable, reusable, great quality + price! I get asked often “where do you get your nails done at?” And people are shocked when I tell them they are glue on nails done at home in 10 mins or less!

Next is Seint- it’s all cream based makeup that fits into 1 palette and done with 1 brush (or more if you’d like). I never knew how to do makeup until I came across Seint! The simplest, easiest way and affordable for the great quality + coverage! You’ll never go back to your old makeup after trying Seint!

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