Curated Style Kit

Sustainably sourced wardrobe capsules just for you!

Do you ever wake up in the morning and just stare at your closet in distress? Do you ever get overwhelmed by options and just pick the same old pair of leggings and t-shirt and call it a day? I do! And so does pretty much everyone else! It's completely normal for people to get tired of making decisions all the time and to get frustrated with even seemingly simple tasks like putting together an outfit. When confronted with a plethora of colors, prints, textures, and shapes, even getting dressed can become complicated and annoying. However, choosing your outfit doesn't have to be something that stresses you out; in fact, it should be something that brings you joy!

Curated Style Kits are personalized, sustainably sourced kits of your favorite style. Here to help you save time and energy in shopping and coordinating your outfits, these style kits provide an easy and fun way of updating your wardrobe with minimal effort on your part. With clothing, shoes, and accessories sourced from local thrift stores, you can be confident that your wardrobe update won't break your bank or the planet. These style kits are especially curated just for you, with your sizes, color schemes, and styles always in mind. I will work with you to ensure that you love every piece before your final purchase and, with your trust, we can transform your wardrobe and create easily coordinated outfits for any occasion!

Curated Style Kit Intake Form