About Sky!

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Hey guys, I’m Sky! I’m a 19 year old student studying Political Science in the heart of Chicago. I’m also minoring in Psychology of Crime and Justice whole following a pre-law track.

Despite my crazy school schedule, I decided to start my health and fitness instagram account @simply.zimny during my freshman year of college. I am dedicated to helping young men and women across the globe fall in love with their bodies. I aspire to teach people how to love health and fitness while making it work for their schedule, rather than it becoming a stressor. I hope you’ll join my journey and begin yours with me!

Everything you need for this school year!

My top 3 items you need to help you ace your classes this school year!

*disclaimer* Not all pictures are mine. Credit goes to the rightful owners.

Item & Tip #1: Computer

If it’s not already obvious, you’ll need your computer. Your computer will not only allow you to take your online classes, but it will also help your organization skills this semester!

Organization options are endless on computers, but my number one tip for computer organization is to create a folder for each class you’re taking and keep it on your desktop. By doing this, you’ll be able to organize your class materials by class, just as you would with a physical folder for each class. Keeping the folders on your desktop will create easy access to them while you’re in class and need to use them!

My second tip, and reason, for making your computer the number one item you need is because online text books are so. much. cheaper. Yes! Online textbooks! Most times online textbooks are anywhere from $10-$100 cheaper; and when you’re in university, every dollar counts!

Item & Tip #2: Written goals and intentions

Whether it’s on a sticky note or on a vision board, write down your goals for the upcoming semester! Writing them down is so important. By seeing them, it helps drive motivation and purpose into your work. Each time you tick off a goal, you become more motivated, so write down your goals!

My first tip for writing down and creating your goals is to make them measurable. Now, I’m all for goals that are related to emotions - such as “I feel good about my essays” “I feel satisfied with my grades”. Creating goals that are measurable will keep you motivated though. Each time you check off a goal, you’ll feel accomplished and more motivated to work toward the next! Try recognizing what will create the feeling of satisfaction with your grades or feeling good about the essay. That may change your goal to “Earn an A on X amount of essays by Thanksgiving break” or “Have at least a 94% in my class before the midterm”. By rewording them, you can measure how far you’ve come and the work that still needs to be done while staying motivated!

Make your goals specific! This is similar to the first tip in the sense that you don’t want to put emotion in the goal. You want to be as descriptive as you can, that way you know exactly what you want! If October comes around and you are reading your goals for the first time in a month, you may not remember exactly what you meant by “have good grades”. Does that mean an A for you? Or a B, C? When you are specific by saying “I want a 94% before the midterm” you know exactly what you are working towards. There’s no ambiguity, no excuses!

Item & Tip #3: Coffee

It’s college - of course you need coffee! Or some sort of energy drink for that matter. Coffee serves so much more purpose than just being a caffeinated drink to keep you up studying past 1am. Coffee helps create connections. What if you don’t like coffee though? Then replace this item with tea, a smoothie, any drink you want to!

My first tip for coffee is to use it to meet people! Students study at cafes all the time, to the point where the baristas know some of their orders. If you start going more often, you may find that you constantly see the same students there. Say hi and spark a conversation! If you don’t want to disturb someone studying, go on a first date (or first friend date) to a coffee shop! It’s a cute, yet causal place to go and get to know someone new!

My second tip is to use coffee to reach out to alumni and people in the business world. If you’re at a job fair and happen to get the business card from a business partner, reach out and ask to go for coffee to talk about the job! It shows you’re truly interested in the position and will help you begin creating your network. You can do the same with alumni - that’s why universities have alumni networks. Reach out to an alumni who’s in the field you’re wanting to establish a career in and ask to go out for coffee! Plus, who wouldn’t want to grab coffee during the day??