To all you beautiful souls

Here to transform your lifestyle into a vegan lifestyle- full of love, adventure, faith & hope!

My name is Lexus Strayhand and I am an influencer for the number one luxury, vegan hair care brand in North America! It didn’t start like this. I originally graduated with my bachelors from Fort Lewis college. After that I set out in my RV to Houston, Texas to look for the job of my dreams. I tried so many different things and nothing worked for me. Nothing seemed to fit with my naturalistic, free spirited lifestyle. I found myself feeling like I didn’t have a purpose in those jobs and just very unaccomplished. I felt anger and anxiety all the time and it started to affect my personal life. I needed something I was going crazy. I knew I wanted to be a midwife from my senior year of college, but also knew I needed a break from school and needed to start making some real cash. Once I made the decision to become a marketing partner with a business that promotes vegan brands that actually heal your hair. I began to feel like I had a purpose and it changed my life. I am my own boss and I’m able to promote my lifestyle and change people’s lives everyday. It brings me true joy, and everyday it brings me closer to my dreams. I truly want to share this opportunity with anyone who wants to be able to live their life truthfully to their bliss, and follow their dreams, while making an extra income and being your own boss! I want to encourage you take a risk it’s always the right time to follow your dreams!