Bees extinction due to climate change

In this website, we are going to talk and show you all about the importance of bees and the world problems that they are suffering.

Impact on Agriculture

Food Production and Bees

Bees are very important pollinators for the world. They help in plant rejection, transfer the pollen between flowers, assist in the production of coffee and, above all, bees have a great role in the farming/agriculture

Bees affect 35% of global agricultural land, supporting the production of 87 of the world's major food crops. In addition, pollination-dependent crops are five times more valuable than those that do not need pollination. However, in recent decades, due to global warming, the overuse of pesticides, pollution and monoculture they are


This affects our agriculture production and could have everlasting negative impact. You can help in a variety of ways, like driving less vehicles that burn fossil fuels, recycling, saving light and water, and more. Make a difference for yourself and for everyone! Also, we can make donations to preserve the bees. Internet sites allow you to donate a little bit! Remember, the minimum makes a difference!

Learn more about bees and the coffee production

Coffee Production

The best coffee grows in cold mountains. Which means that climate change can have a big impact on coffee production. Research shows that coffee can be the worst to know. Many coffee-dependent producers in countries like Mexico and Guatemala will suffer economically.
There is the enormously powerful force of climate change that the world is trying to control, but bees - these comparatively tiny creatures - can, in some areas, really play an important role in limiting the impact of climate change on coffee farms.
In several regions we currently have at least ten species of bees, and this is almost halved in our future scenarios.