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Welcome to Sisters in Ministry Toolbox! SIM Toolbox hopes to provide FREE ONLINE Workshops for sisters from all seasons of life with holistic, practical and creative ministry skills either for self-development or ministry purposes.

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Meet Josephine!

Adjunct Faculty at East Asia School of Theology

Graduated from Dallas Theological Seminary with a MA focusing in Women Ministry, Josephine has been equipping women and ministry leaders from various backgrounds over the last decade. Josephine has been teaching with her husband Rev. Jacob Li at East Asia School of Theology since 2015. Together they have 2 beautiful children Josiah (11) and Jesse (7). She is a speaker for church retreats, conferences and various training workshops. With her joyful and friendly personality, Josephine loves to meet and encourage sisters to live out their Godly purposes. She has founded Sisters In Ministry Toolbox to provide FREE ONLINE Workshops to share creative and practical ideas for sisters to be more effective in ministry or self-development!

Hi from Josephine (2:07)

His Vision, Not My Vision (My Journey of Answering His Calling) (19:45)

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Creative Ministry

How to Use Crafts and Beauty to Share the Good News?

Our God is a creative God! This is my passion to use creativity and our interests to share the Good News with others! Hope these fun tutorials will give you new ideas either for self-care or ministry purposes. May God inspire you to use His given creativity and interests to share His Good News with others!

What does God say about beauty?

Other Creative Projects

Our God is the Master of Beauty! For years, God has been impressing in my heart to use His given creativity to share His beauty with others! May God use these videos to bless you today!

What does God say about beauty?

Where to find my identity and worth?

Invite Josephine!

To conduct ENGAGING customised training workshops for your church or ministry groups!

All workshops can be customised according to your church, ministry needs, settings and audiences! It's our vision to offer churches with practical ministry trainings to fulfil the Great Commission and discipleship making!

Top Pick Workshops:

1. Bible Study Methods Express - learn the basic steps of Inductive Bible Study Methods and apply them to personal devotion.
(2 hour workshop)

2. Small Group Facilitation Training - "How to lead an ENGAGING small group online?" Tips and tricks will be shared to create an engaging small group particularly in an ONLINE setting!
(2-3 hour workshop)

Contact Email:

Here's what the participants said about the workshops:

"Josephine is a dynamic, engaging, knowledgeable and effective teacher. She taught us on Facilitating an Engaging Small Group Online and Bible Study Method. Through her equipping,  cell leaders and members learned to effectively and confidently facilitate a bible study session and studying,  the Bible in greater depth towards application that leads to life transformation respectively." By Elder Lawrence, Zion Gospel Mission

"Josephine is an engaging speaker and full of live." by Diana - Participant at the Spiritual Pathways Workshop

"I was inspired by some new prayer ways." By QK - Missionary and Participant at the Spiritual Pathways Workshop

"I have learned that there are 7 aspects of rest and that rest is a faith journey with God." by Gracia - Participant at Sacred Rest Workshop

"I realised God's children needed a time of rest not to get over-exhausted or not to lead a dissatisfied life. It's God's promise." by Dalis - Participant at the Sacred Rest Workshop

"Read slowly and a few times not just once. Verse mapping is very helpful and enjoyable." by HN - a participant at the Bible Study Methods Workshop

"How to ask launching questions and how to end the meetings meaningfully. " PL by a participant at the Facilitation Workshop

"How to be mindful when facilitating during difficult situations, mindful of how to facilitate and not dominate." by GT - a participant at the Facilitation Workshop

"Learned about Do's and Don't in facilitating the group. Very informative and interesting to know how to facilitate group especially when you encounter challenges." by NA - a participant at the Facilitation Workshop

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