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If You Want to Stop People Pleasing, Learn to Trust Yourself

Why we people please and how to break out of this pattern.

I’m Slowly Learning It’s Okay To Live Without Being In Love

In a world that conditioned me to find a partner before 30, I never knew loving myself provided me with unconditional feelings of trust, respect, and worthiness.

Let’s Stop Pretending We’re Just Friends

My first kiss after healing from an abusive relationship was a testament to how far I had come.

How Depression Broke My Cultural Conditioning

Healing is both a beautiful journey and an ugly process. It is the process of surrendering to open wounds of the past and the present.

I Quit My Dream Job at Tommy Hilfiger in the Middle of a Global Pandemic

By choosing myself, I closed a chapter of my seven-year career as a fashion designer.

I Wanted to Be a White Girl

At six years old, I wanted to be a white girl. I wanted light hair. I wanted blue eyes. I wanted pale skin.

Hurt People Do Not Hurt People—Unhealed People Do

Hurt people do not hurt people, because the truth is, we have all been hurt.


I talk about my struggles cultivating authenticity by swinging from extreme introversion to extroversion.

My Primary Care Doctor Saved My Life

She taught me the powerful tool of words of affirmation.

To the Karen of My Life—Your Silence is Loud

I call out the Karen in my life for choosing the comfort of silence after I publicly condemned her friend for sexually assaulting me.

I Exposed My White Supremacist Ex

I was complicit towards the White supremacist beliefs of my ex until I couldn’t take it anymore.

Lean Into the Women in Your Lives

I suffered in silence while in a narcissistic abusive relationship until one day, I asked the women in my life for help.

A Reminder to Honor Your Pain

How I healed from cheating, betrayal, and heartbreak.

Hey Dear Friends!

Storytelling & Ghostwriting Services

I offer brand voice storytelling writing services. This includes memoir essays, trauma ghostwriting, website copy, and social media brand voice copy. I work with clients in the wellness and mental health space ready to share their story.

Sincerely Miss Mary

Poet. Writer. Storyteller.

Maryann Samreth is a mental health writer and founder of Sincerely Miss Mary, an authentic content writing service for businesses in the fashion and wellness space. She is a former handbag designer for Marc Jacobs, Tory Burch, and Tommy Hilfiger. She is an artist at her core and is now stepping into the spotlight as a writer and visual storyteller. Through the power of words, she helps businesses connect authentically and creatively with their customers. Her purpose is to empower people to tap into the significance of their voices.