About Me!

Hi lovely’s!

If you’re here that means you’re looking for something different. You know you’re worth more than just a 9-5 or maybe you want to be able to form a second source of income! We only live once let’s live how we want to live!

My name is Tatiana! I can’t wait to meet you or hear from you! A little about me, I’m 26 years old, born and raise in Miami, and I’m Cuban and Haitian ( I know an interesting mixture lol) I love music, dancing, and everything beauty. Most importantly I love to teach women and men to believe in themselves because I believe in you! I made the decision to change my life and took a chance on this opportunity that I fell in love with. I was tired of missing out on time with my family, having to ask for PTO time, feeling like I’m living a routine life. I wanted to be able to have time freedom, financial freedom, and retire my mom as well as my family. Plus I was tired of living PAYCHECK to PAYCHECK. This opportunity has changed my life in so many ways and one of them being I have gained confidence in myself that I never knew I had and We have such an amazing community of women and men that turned into a long term of friendships. I love hanging around like minded people.

If you relate to me in any way, shape or form. I invite you to reach out. Let’s be friends and freaking level up together!! You have nothing to lose and everything to gain. Don’t hold yourself back or listen to what others think, Don’t limit yourself. Dream big and let me show you what a few months of consistency & working from WiFi can do for you!

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