Sincerely, WilderMind

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Because I’m being the change I wanna see in the world

Sincerely, WilderMind

Growing up as an Italian in a very deep rooted Italian community I grew up wanting things I would later find out were things that were rather expected from me.

Get married, have children buy a home and live my life dedicated to being a good wife and mother.
One day something changed, something bigger then me, something my soul could no longer ignore, a pull of some sort pulling me in the direction I was afraid to go in but knew it would lead me to my own version of happiness.
So for the first time I did what felt right to me, I listened to my gut, my intuition At 25 years old I called off my wedding packed up my belongings and left everything behind.

I wanted a fresh start, I wanted to be in the driver seat of my life for once.
I got a new apartment, new furniture I changed jobs and I really focused all of my energy on work and advancing in the career path that I thought was what would make me happy.
For the next 6 years I worked my way up in the beauty/Astérix industry working for nurses and doctors doing everything from managing the office to personal assignant, to being the first one in last one out!
Want me to let u in on a little secret?
I still wasn’t happy...
I was working at one of the top clinics in the Montreal downtown area for one of the best aesthetic doctors, getting paid the best salary I ever had, getting free Botox and fillers and other treatments!
Had my own place, my car everything I worked hard for, all the energy I put into getting what I thought would make me happy what would have me feeling fulfilled.
I was wrong...

I decided I needed a change, travel was always in my blood and my family my mom was a travel agent my whole childhood.
We traveled twice a year all over the south and Europe.
I traveled to Italy every year with my little sister since the age of 5 to visit my grandparents.
One of my dreams was to visit Australia, so at 31 I decided it was time.
I left my job, sold my car my condo my furniture took all of my savings and left for Australia with my best friend with a one year visa!

Vegan Plant Based Recipes

Because I’m being the change I wish to see in the world

Tarot Cards based on your zodiac sign

Infused With The Moon’s Energy