Siobhan , but call me Chevy

Hey there !
I’ve been just sitting around here waiting for you to show up .
No pressure , you aren’t late !
But your purpose isn’t working so it’s trying to show you to the work you need to be doing . Here are a few things I want to share .
I’m a Mental health advocate and speaker .
I have three ginger wild humans . One 8 years post open heart surgery who loves lol dolls ✌🏻 & comic books & one bossy sassy celiac kiddo that literally is like arguing with a 82 year old woman that’s right about everything but she’s cute and I adore her , also ! one little guy who was a twin but came into the world alone and string and just placed on the awesome autism spectrum 🌈 after three years of watching him suffer internal pain I couldn’t see . He’s magic .
Also , we carried a lot of other humans to different lengths of pregnancy , bodies are weird , doing human things all of the time that we have no control over . Miscarriage is a big advocacy for me . We also struggled to get pregnant . Weird right ? Not , not weird . 1 in 4 of us women struggle with both . I also had three cesarians , 1 emergency 2 more because well I had to . You can’t make me feel bad about that nor can you tell me I’m lucky I didn’t have a “ real birth “ try laying on a table sometime where a curtain is just past your collar bone like some weird saw magic show and then call it “ easy “ I bet you can’t . bodies are weird remember ✊🏻
Oh , I’m a children’s mental health author !
I created “ Ready not steady , be right there “ a word based book for kids who are having a really hard time with the big loud world .
I love labels and organizing . I might make that a thing to 👍🏻
I’m married , 5 years together for 10 🖤 we get excited about quac and nacho dinners and really like halo top if we’ve really forgotten to prep dinner 😂
Also , I had a nervous breakdown . Yeah , I’m pretty proud of it , I got to recognize years of mental and physical abuse and acknowledge it wasn’t okay .
I finally asked for medicine after 30 years and found a great practitioner to talk shop with because , hey I also was chosen to be one of the flight medic trainings of women but I also gave up my spot to feel what had happened to me . Trauma , pain and you know adult things .
Feels like a lot right ?
That’s okay , life has curves . Remember that song ? “ Lean with it rock with it “ 🤷🏼‍♀️ yeah , turns out all of our high school songs had the knowledge.
Now I’m headed into the nutrition world with all the funny comebacks for all the Karen’s that need to be right out there .
I’m not a “ you can sit with us “ I’m and introvert and an extrovert so I will awkwardly walk up to you , sit with you ! And bring purse snacks . 🖤
Stay , read. Disagree , laugh , share . That’s how healthy relationships work . Thanks for coming . Also , I have a podcast 😂 you know one more thing is did. 👋🏻
Let’s recap
I love Beauty counter
I don’t like to be touched , my trauma is still really really triggering .
I take anxiety medicine and have PPD with a dash of obsessive compulsive disorder and panic disorder
Medical knowledge
I lost babies , but we love them & we struggled but we are happy we’re we are
mama of literal dragons
I’m ok with not being okay
I really love food health against all fad diets 🖤
I love organization.
I always have snacks in my purse
I have no desire to belong to the pto and gossip and tell someone how to be 💁‍♀️ I always want to be invited but I’m probably not coming .
I think you’ve got this , I’m not sure if you will look great while doing it but honest it doesn’t matter to me , hop in my literal internet minivan and eat cookies if you need .
Find me at @itsbestlived & @colorbarnprints & ill teach my babies to love your babies
Before I head off to feed some human and / or shove some laundry back in the washer to avoid putting it away for one more day & watch Damon Salvatore on repeat on netflix.

One last teenie, tiny little thing .
I worked really hard to love on the person I am . I broke free of all abuse and trauma . I also can’t prove myself to you . I can be your buddy for mental health and wine refills and coffee morning chats .
I can also word for word talk TLC songs until we cry .
I respect all humans . I respect their love interests their color and experience .
You belong here . I’m going to tell you why . 🌈
Chev ,

It’s not food , it’s you

Unweaponing food & blocking the diet culture

Like Facebook of circa probably created with good intention but really just attracts the people who love to complain , food as a weapon is outdated .
I’ve learned over 34 years that there’s always the next thing . So after keto , fasting & after ww , after beachbody will come a new thing .
Are you wrong for loving these things ? ABSOLUTELY NOT .
But to take a deeper dive into metabolic science , I’m going to be the one of many to tell you , you can make pie , have a slice and move on without checking the scale , the jeans you hate anyways or the mirror .

We bloat , for so many reasons .
Mental fun stuff
Water retention
Sodium overage
Over use if electrolytes
A food inconsistency
The list goes on .

Here is my take .
Ready ?
Knowledge is power . These pretty Esther bottles , they are super amazing for motivating everyone in this era or this pandemic to self care and prioritize the body as a whole .

Like sugar and glucose water can affect our sleep , organs , weight , hormones and even our genetic predisposition . Yes , I said it . You have a pre disposal of chromosomes and mockups of how your body will deal with excess salt
Sugar and coatings or even certain Fibers !
But besides all this , how you feel about yourself at the core is actually the most valuable product you can even own . So let’s not complain . Let’s figure out ways together to feel really good about our bodies and make our movement a priority and give our minds a break from being a very one sided look or weight .

Click the link below for my children’s book .

Hey you ! You matter kiddo !