Finding Yourself

Sis, do you remember high school?

When I heard about this new series, “genera+ion” I was excited because I am a supporter of Justice Smith! I also was a bit skeptical because it gave me MAJOR “Euphoria” vibes, (will be doing a review of that show at a later date).

I’ll start by saying that it is in fact very much like “Euphoria”, but less refined.....which actually surprisingly REALLY works for this show.

For starters it feels more relatable, simply for the fact that it’s much more about individuals coming into themselves & not just about the storyline of 1.

On top of that, I LOVE that the girls who lead the show, Chloe East (as Naomi), Lukita Maxwell (as Delilah), Haley Sanchez (as Greta), & Chase Sui Wonders (as Riley). These are just a few of the main characters who’ve had some incredible moments on this show thus far!

The girl representation in this series is top level. The conversations are raw & sometimes a little extreme, however still getting their point effectively across.

The show is 5 episodes in & counting, I look forward to seeing the rest of it.

Check it out NOW, on HBO Max!

Hola Selena!

Sis, it’s Selena Gomez!

I have been a Selena Gomez supporter since she was on Disney Channel.

I have also had the privilege of working with her at events, & even going to church with her as well over the years. She is truly as genuine & raw as they come!

I LOVE her work, not just in music, but also in film & most recently in her launching her beauty line “Rare”.

She is of Italian & Mexican heritage, so when I heard she had Spanish music coming I was stoked!

YEARS later she has given us something truly special. Her first EVER Spanish EP!

To really embrace ones heritage (especially growing up in America), means to learn & seek out who we really are. I know this from personally experience.

Selena took the time to really tap into herself. Not just with this EP, but even her Album “Rare” that dropped a year ago (I will be reviewing in the coming future).

While I only have 1 favorite off this, the entire EP tells a beautiful story. & you don’t have to understand Spanish to enjoy it or hear it.

I recommend listening to this EP now, available everywhere music is played!

Sis, got Selfish Love

My favorite song on the EP, & Co-Written by Selena herself. This song also features a frequent collaborator of Gomez’s , DJ Snake.

These lyrics are simple yet very impactful.

We can ALL relate to being selfishly in love.

We can also be real in saying that, this kinda love can be toxic & do more harm than good. But there is potential in balancing it as well.

Too much of anything isn’t a good thing.

Love is a complex thing, & we’re all figuring it out.

We are the Revolution

Sis, meet our fellow sistas of The Black Panther Movement

When I heard that this film was being made, I was absolutely thrilled. From the moment I heard Shaka King was Directing, Writing, & Producing it, I knew it was going to be Phenomenal. Then I heard them casting Brotha’s Daniel Kaluuya (as Chairman Fred Hampton) & LaKeith Stanfield (as Bill O’Neal).

Being able to watch these incredible actors bring these legacies to life was truly a treat.

Every scene & frame was well thought out, & really helped us see what kind of men, women & movement this was.

I want to highlight the outstanding performances by the women in this film. Particularly Dominique Fishback (as Deborah Johnson).

Fishback, truly embodies everything about the legacy of Deborah. Her words are poetry. Her love is pure. She calls out so much in terms of how black woman are portrayed, & what is expected of them.

In my opinion, she absolutely put on an Oscar worthy performance. & while I’ve focused on highlighting her, ALL the women in the film showed up, & showed out, in EVERY on screen moment they had.

I was truly inspired by their courage, vulnerability, & overall rawness that was shown on screen...& that more importantly is true to the actual Black Woman experience.

We are not one size fits all. We do not look one way. We do not dress one way. We do not act one way. & this film absolutely amplified that & MORE.

Catch this film ASAP in theaters NOW!!

Go Kelly, Go!

Sis, it’s Kelly Rowland!

A month ago, Queen Sista Kelly Rowland dropped her 4th EP, titled- “K”!

Now I’ll be honest in saying, that I have NEVER been a “Destiny’s Child” super fan....DON’T cancel me sis!!! I have mad respect for them, & am always quick to listen to whatever each of them drops something.

With that being said, while Kelly’s vocals will always be amazing, I am not a huge fan of this EP.

It felt like it was missing something, the entire time I was listening. There are 6 tracks on it (which is a pretty standard sized EP), & out of the 6, I only felt 2 were complete in there messaging & depth.

I don’t feel that Kelly’s energy & heart was fully invested into this project, which is sad because her vocals are amazing, & when she is ALL IN, it’s truly something special.

I am glad Kelly is still making music & doing her thing, however, I would like to see more depth & intentionality behind her future projects.

Dropping anything is one thing, but it means nothing if your heart isn’t in it....consistently.

When you have a massive platform, & especially within in the times we’re in....saying something clearly, effectively, & with heart, is vital.

I will attach below the 2 songs I felt were the best in messaging, depth, vocals, & even writing as they were both written solely by Kelly.

I still encourage you all to check out the entire project, available NOW on iTunes, YouTube, & really EVERYWHERE music is played.

Sis, we are Black Magic

This is the ONLY track on the ENTIRE EP solely written by Kelly (according to the credit section). While Kelly did Co-Write EVERY other track, there was something very different & apparent in this song.

As a writer myself, I know I generally feel the most connected to my material when I perform it. I feel like this could potentially be a prime example of this.

Audiences can tell when an artist directly connects & feels what they’re the same time they can also feel when they don’t.

In addition to the writing & performance, the visuals featuring Kelly’s sons are absolutely beautiful.

This felt like a love song to black folks, but after seeing the visuals. I feel like it was a love song to her children.

All in all, a powerful piece.

Sis, feel the Speed of Love

This is by far my favorite song on the ENTIRE EP!

Truly a love song to herself, & a love song about loving oneself, both in & out of a partnership/relationship.

The lyrics are so RAW & relatable to everyone who hears this song.

I really see a difference in the material that Kelly writes for herself, & the ones that others write along with her....for herself. There’s for sure more of Kelly & her depth within the stuff she writes.

I absolutely would love to see more of Kelly & her heart in her solo career, & her solo writing & performing.

There’s a lot of layers I feel we have yet to see from her.

Welcome to Chi-Raq


Our next throwback film, is, A Spike Lee Joint: “Chi-Raq”! Nick Cannon, stars as “Chi-Raq” a rapper & gang leader, named after his city (Chicago aka “Chi-Raq). Due to the gang violence, a young girl is killed in the cross fire, of gang related activity.

This sparks Chi-Raq’s girl, Lysistrata (played by Teyonah Parris), to rally up the women of Chi-Raq to revolt by taking away sex from their men, in efforts to evoke change.

This entire film is a masterpiece. From the script, to the shots, to the clothing. It’s all VERY intentional & powerful. This is also one of my all time favorite films by Brotha Spike. It covers, racism, police brutality, women’s rights & issues, gang violence, & so much more.

It’s funny because the dialogue of the film, is entirely done in verse style (rapping). There aren’t many films that have done this (past & presently). The most recent one that comes to mind is “Blindspotting” (another masterpiece that I’ll be covering in the month to come).

I can’t end this review without mentioning some of the other incredible actresses & actors, in this film, Queen Angela Bassett, Queen Jennifer Hudson, Queen LaLa Anthony, Brotha Samuel L Jackson, Brotha Wesley Snipes, Brotha Dave Chappelle, & MANY MORE!

It’s a perfect film for celebrating Womxn’s HERstory & Black HERstory!

I empower you to watch it on Amazon Prime ASAP.

Sis, this song is for you!

Brotha Nick Cannon wrote & sung the amazing song “Pray 4 My City”, for his film “Chi-Raq”. He is one of my favorite Brothas on the planet, simply due to everything he does for the culture & his incredible talent. This song opens the film, & really sets the mode & tone for it. Beyond that you can certainly vibe to it, by adding it to your playlist TODAY!

We’re All In

Sis, voter suppression is alive & well!

Liz Garbus & Lisa Cortés leave no stones unturned in the Amazon Original Documentary Film “All In: The Fight for Democracy”! This film goes in depth about voter suppression, from its origins to present day. It also covers the 2018 Georgia Gubernatorial Election between Queen Stacey Abrams in her run against Brian Kemp. In addition, it briefly covers how voter suppression helped Trump’s results in his last election & even within his most recent.

This film is a wealth of information, & vastly educates the importance of understanding how our Democracy works & the foundations in which it was built upon.

I highly recommend checking it out on Amazon Prime.

Sis, This Song is for You!

One of my favorite sistas & one of the dopest artist out here is Queen Janelle Monàe! She made a song called “Turntables”, which was used for this film. This song takes you on a journey through the eyes of Black America. We see the music tell the story of our fight for freedom. It truly takes you through every emotion but gives you a sense of hope. It’s fire sis! I encourage you to check it out, if you haven’t done so already, & even if you it again!

Meet Selah

Sis, are you a Spade?

Known for her role as Zora in the hit show “Greenleaf”, Queen Lovie Simone shows she’s leading lady material in this “Mean Girls” meets “The Lord of the Flies” drama.

I remember being 17 & 18 years old, still figuring out myself. I had an idea but also wanted to fit in. I went to a public school where the rules were made for us & consequences were vast if not followed.

However, at this boarding school, things are different. The Spades make the rules, along with the other factions, & they also make the consequences. I sat with the film a bit...digesting it. I ran through it in my mind, & took myself back to being 17 & 18 years old. In doing that I came to the conclusion that, I absolutely loved this film.

This film is about freedom & power, & the struggles that come with it & the responsibilities.

Selah (Simone) running the spades, shows black girls in a new light, one that is powerful, yet complicated. With the help of her friends, Maxxie aka her right hand man, (portrayed by Emmy winner Jharrel Jerome), & Paloma aka the future leader of the spades, (portrayed by Celeste O'Connor in this breakthrough role), we begin to see what it truly takes to be a spade.

This film is a twisted love letter to & for black girls (& even black kids overall). We see in a very real & very new way, how with great power comes unimaginable things. I enjoyed seeing the different backgrounds & experiences of the culture, that we don’t often see onscreen. It was very nice to see things I myself experienced & remember vividly having done or having done to me.

The pressures on black kids to do well, to have & leave a legacy, & to be who their parents want them to be, is a pressure unlike any other. Seeing a film like this, portrayed in a real & unique way, not only inspires, but empowers our community in an unexpected & beautiful way.

I am all about films showcasing us in ways that allow us to be powerful & vulnerable. Showing the layers of black folks & the variety that truly makes up our communities & culture.

I highly recommend checking it out on Amazon Prime.

What lies beneath your skin

Sis, are you black or are you white?

This question is what the 2008 Film, “Skin” is centered on.

We are kicking off our throwback film series with, “Skin”, which is the true story about Sandra Laing, a South African Woman who was born darker than her white parents. In Africa at this time, if you’re not clearly white presenting, then you’re considered black. The film follows Sandra, going from being classified “white” to then being reclassified as “black”.

Sophie Okonedo, does a phenomenal job portraying (Laing). Okonedo immersed herself in every inch of this character.

I had never heard of this story before, but it will forever be with me.

The issues of colorism, racism, & so many other things are shown throughout.

Before watching, I encourage you all to prepare yourself mentally, as this film can be triggering.

Other than that, you can watch this film on Amazon Prime.

About HER

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At the root of all I am & all I do is my art.

I am a bloggHER, filmmakHER, & EntrepreneuHER!

I LOVE all things Sports & Entertainment, so I decided to combine my passion for writing & my vast background within both industries to create “Sis, reviewHER”! “Sis, reviewHER”, is a blog style reviewing platform centering girls & womxn! From Black & Indigenous, to Womxn of Color, to Queer, I got you sis! I cover EVERYTHING from sports, film, music, books, poetry, & more!