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nourishing new life through growth, empowerment, & empathetic support

Welcome, I am here with open arms to support you & your growing family!

What is a Doula? A person who provides guidance & support to a pregnant, laboring, & postpartum person.

Available Services Provided [in person and/or virtually - serving families in RVA]


Full Spectrum Doula Support

• Certified Lactation Counselor

• Birth Support

• Postpartum Support

• Acupressure

• Loss & Bereavement | Sibling [childcare] | Abortion Support

• Aspiring Certified Pregnancy & Postpartum Nutrition Counselor.
[ which will include Nutrition Support/Tips/Recipes/Meal Delivery for Fertility/Conception, Pregnancy, & Postpartum ]

Note: I am not a medical provider.

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About Me

Mother • Full Spectrum Doula • CLC

Hey, Fallon here!

I’m a mama, full-spectrum doula, certified lactation counselor & baby whisperer. My support is focused on your birth & postpartum period.

I have a passion for all things wellness, pregnancy, birth, & raising babies.

Receiving a bachelor degree in women, gender, & sexuality studies from VCU in 2016, I continued to dive deeper into learning how to support my community, friends, & family in their growth to thrive as parents...because it truly takes a big, supportive, trusting village!

I currently support families in the Richmond, Va area & work with the Richmond Doula Project. I also support breast/chest feeding parents in person or virtually to help them learn how to feed their babies comfortable & confidently. Along with my communal engagement, I provide 1-on-1 virtual newborn support with Stork (

I become a trained Birth Doula with ToLabor in January 2018 & have specialized training in acupressure/pain management techniques, perinatal loss & traumatic grief support, abortion support, along with postpartum care & family support.

I became a certified lactation counselor with the ALPP in April 2020.

I am dedicated to providing evidence-based support to folks during their pregnancy, birth & into postpartum, no matter their outcome and no matter the kind of support they need.

My future aspirations are to become a certified pregnancy, postpartum, & baby nutrition consultant. Along with attaining deeper education & a certification in postpartum wellness & doula support. This will help me, help you on a more intricate level become the most confident & best parent you can be.

My desire is to be able to work with families from conception to postpartum, & to dive deeper into the holistic understanding of the pregnant & postpartum physiology & psychology.

My practice is rooted in empathy, open communication, & transparency. I believe that anything is possible with a strong support system, a well-balanced mind, & determination. I recognize that every family and every body lives a different & valid no body, no birth, & no postpartum are the same.

Raising a family is all about communal support, using your ‘mom/parent instinct’, asking questions & getting answers, advocating for yourself & your family confidently, & the knowing the importance of informed consent.

I look forward to chatting with you on how I can support you and your growing family!

Note: I am not a medical provider.

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