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Siszanor Organic Beauty is an Organic skincare brand with the goal of helping people heal and live a healthy lifestyle through Organic skincare, "Gods gift to Humanity".
Our unique products not only revitalizes and heals the skin, but also helps to heal the body within. It helps you maintain a positive outlook and reduces unhealthy self-perception, for healthy glow within and without, tackle early aging and unhealthy living, Mental stress, and to help people experience all-round good health and Happiness.
At Siszanor Organic Beauty we truly believe that the ingredients are the most important part of any product so we take pride in ensuring, you our customer, that we source the BEST on the market for all of our products.
Every ingredient is derived from nature which includes our Grade A certified butters, natural and certified organic oils, and certified organic essential oils. We are delighted to promise that none of our products contain parabens, sodium lauryl sulfate, sodium laureth sulfate, and phthalates.

Body and Hair Oils

We know body oil can seem scary — your fears of being greasy or too slippery are valid — but times have changed. These days with oils that mimic the skin natural sebum– like Jojoba oil, Grapeseed oil, Rose Otto — oils dry down completely and leave your skin feeling soft with a subtle hint of fragrance.
According to us body oils are the real deal. "With no other ingredients diluting these oils, this is what's going to keep your skin the most moisturized especially in the winter and Harmattan when cold air compromises the skin's barrier." We have facial oils to keep you moisturized and ensure your skin gets all the nourishment it may need, but you can't forget about the rest of your body.

You can use them for the most stubborn and dry areas like elbows, knees, and heels, but you can also use them all over your body. If you aren't using an oil, we suggest picking up one (or all) of ours and adding them to your body-care routine.

Rose infused Coconut oil

This magic substance does miracles for the quality of the skin as a whole. Using this oil to treat your skin you’ll notice how gradually it becomes smoother and glowing.
This happens because of the oil enhancing Blood circulation and the composition, comprises of vitamin A and antioxidants, that enables it to stimulate collagen production. Which is a quality essential for achieving perfect, radiant facial skin.

Rose oil is a natural moisturizer.
It is sufficient to use several drops and rub them gently into the skin.

This oil can help you cope with acne, wrinkles, blemishes, and marks, making the skin becomes smoother, fresher and younger.
With rose oil, you can have a facial steam bath, by adding a few drops into a steaming bowl of water. The steam bath benefits are enhanced by adding dried leaves of chamomile, lavender, or another fragrant flower — which are available at our store.


Body and Hair butters

Here at Siszanor Organic Beauty we believe in effective, gentle natural skincare and Hair care that are 100% non-toxic.
We source plant-derived ingredients of the highest quality from fair trade shea butter to organic, cold-pressed oils.
Our butters are also made from a variety of common and rare butters, like Mango butter, Kokum butter, Almond butter and many more.
So no worries we’ve got something to suit everybody.

Misty Shea~``Lavender & Cucumber``

Our Misty Shea whipped body butter is now available in a soothing mix of Lavender and Cucumber seed oil.
This shimmery goodness gives you a soothing feel that helps calm both your mind and body.
The Lavender oil helps sooth skin irritation and calms the mind.
The Cucumber seed oil re-freshens, regenerates, and absorbs right into your skin.
This shimmer butter is an ideal choice for improving the overall appearance of your skin and is an elixir for Skin types that have seen tougher times – its incredible smell will make you happy to be treating yourself with it!

Misty Shea~“Lemon and Honey”

Try our very first original formula “Misty Shea~Lemon and Honey”
A soft whipped shimmer butter.
This shimmery goodness is a mix of Shea butter infused with a generous amount of Black seed oil and zesty Lemon essential oil.
It softens and protects the skin from dry/harsh weather, while keeping your skin glowing and moisturized all day.
A light weight butter, that absorbs immediately into your pores and keeps you smelling lemony and fresh all day.

Product Line


Our Skincare and Haircare products cover a large range of skin and hair types, so don't worry we've got everyone covered.


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