About Me

Art, Writing, and Me

Hello and thank you for checking out my Milkshake!!

I’m Astrifer (no, that is not my real name), I’m and 18-year old artist based in the USA and who specializes in digital art. I consider myself a student of art, so I am in no way a professional, I just do this for fun and hope to eventually make a career out of it!

If you’ve been to any of my social medias, you’re probably away that I draw my own characters aaaaand pretty much nothing else. That’s because these characters are near and dear to my heart, and they’re part of a large universe of ideas and stories, the biggest one (and the one I talk about the most) being “Broken Dimensions.” BrDim is my pride and joy, and is a story I hope to eventually pitch as a novel, comic, or animated series. The characters have been with me for a long time, and I absolutely love sharing them with others and telling their stories!

A few other little notes about me:

- I’m a former high school athlete, so I talk about my activities on my social medias on some occasions.

- I’m VERY socially awkward and have some anxiety, so if we’re unacquainted and tou shoot me a message, please say a little more than “hey.” Please introduce yourself or say why you’re messaging me, so my brain doesn’t extrapolate those meanings for me!

- I’m on the asexual spectrum! Things are still a bit complicated, but I’ve got that down so far.

- I try to keep my political opinions to myself, so if you notice some radio silence from me in the world of politics, please know that I’m NOT ignoring world issues, but rather gathering information and forming my opinions on them in private. Like most of my personal life, I don’t think everything I believe needs to be put on blast every time there’s an event in the world or national stage. It’s a personal preference, and there’s a lot of people who have a problem with not putting your views out on the internet. I just ask that that choice is respected 👍

- my characters are who they are for a reason. If you have problems with them, have a civil discussion with me in my DMs, not my comments. This hasn’t been a problem in the past, but it’s still worth noting here. Thank you!

- questions on my accounts are always welcome! Feel free to pose questions about my characters, my thoughts on different fandoms (especially ones I’m in), my writing, or me.

- I have a lot more words in my head than I usually think, so my descriptions, messages, comments, and text posts can end up longer than usual. There’s just so much I want to say and I don’t always get the chance to say it! That said, if I’m going a little overboard with something, it’s probably a good idea for you to let me know 😅

Check out the story!

Magic, relationship issues, HOLOtech, and goddesses of death who want to destroy everything in favor of her own reality—it’s got it all!

What Programs/Media I Use




CSP has been praised among artists for years, and I’ve only recently started using my copy of it. It’s AMAZING and as someone who’s used FireAlpaca for a long time, it is a surprisingly great step-up.

The program is a little expensive, but for people who get certain Wacom drawing tablets (and potentially other brands), you have the option to download it as an attachment to your Wacom. It’s a great opportunity and if you have a chance to use the program, it’s definitely worth it.



FireAlpaca is a free app for computers/laptops that you download from their website! Its very similar to Mediabang, if anyone is more familiar with that, and is one of the programs I use for digital artwork.


Traditional Media

I sketch with basic old mechanical pencils, like the kind you can get absolutely anywhere, with 0.7 lead, and that’s my primary sketch tool!

In the past I’ve used Micron pens to line, as well as a couple cool, fine-tipped pens I’ve gotten over the years. Ballpoint pens though? I LIVE for those things. Those cheap-o ones you can get at Target or Walmart of the Dollar Store by the pack? Perfect. They’re great for sketching, and a good reminder that you don’t necessarily need anything special for art pens.

My favorite sketchbook brand is Artist’s Loft, by far. I’ve found the smaller 5.5x8 inch ones at Micheal’s for $6, which is super cheap, and they’re good quality. That said, Strathmore is king, so if you want to splurge (or get a recycled paper sketchbook) they’re the way to go. They’re average size sketchbooks usually go for $12-$16. Pros to Artist Loft’s hardback sketchbooks though: your pages don’t smudge half as much if you do a lot of pencil work like I do!


Procreate (Pocket)

Procreate Pocket is a wonderful little app and though it’s not quite the same as the iPad version, it’s still nice to have if you have a couple bucks to spend on it. I don’t use it often, other than for some maps, the occasional starter reference for a character, or for adjusting photo sizes or making collages.

I’d definitely recommend Pocket or the full version (if you have an iPad), considering they’re both capable of professional, Photoshop-level work in the right hands, and are some of the cheaper professional programs available.


Writing Programs

I do most of my formal writing in Google Docs, having recently fallen in love with actually having PAGE NUMBERS and all the fun and useful tools Docs has to offer. In the past I’ve also used the Apple default Notes app, and I still use it for jotting down scene ideas, short stories, and notes.

Wattpad is where I post my writing, but I try to refrain from writing using their formatting. Because I hate said formatting, personally, but that doesn’t mean it’s not a good place to write considering you can break things up into chapters right within the site!