Hello we are skin and beyond! Here’s some stuff you should know before ordering from us!

No discounts,no refunds one time payment, only shipping to Ontario, all of our items are sanitary and any allergic reactions will not be our fault. We do not accept shipping threw Instagram due to privacy issues but you can ask us what you want to order and we will send our gmail and you will give your information on there!

Hope this helped!

After picking what you want to order you are free to message us on Instagram and tell us your order and we will send our gmail and we will talk about shipping on there. Say we don’t reply as fast is probably because we are dealing with other orders so please do not spam and be patient. If you have any allergies please let us know as we said before if you don’t inform us it is not our fault. If you have any questions please email us or dm us on Instagram!

Our gmail:: skinansbeyond3

Have fun ordering

Hello! We are skin and beyond, we sell face masks that are homemade with different ingredients!

We started our business in 2022 and we are so excited to start selling and trying to recipes!

This business is run by 2 owners! We hope you have a great experience ordering from us, Bye for now!

Skin and beyond!