The Skinbar Story

We take the BORING out of your skincare vocabulary.

If you’re in a hurry, here’s the TLDR:

Gentle. Fun. Playful. Inclusive. 100% Pinoy. Personally handpicked ingredients. We make skincare as enjoyable as possible for everyone.


The long version:

Skinbar is a skincare and cosmetic brand for everyone, no matter what age, gender and skin type.

It all started as a hobby of Joy, one of the founders, who used to make artisan soaps for personal consumption or to give out to family and friends as gifts.

In October 2019, Joy assembled her all-girls squad—composed of her daughters no less, all passionate about skincare—to finally create their own skincare brand. 

And out popped Skinbar.   

All ingredients and raw materials in making Skinbar’s products are carefully studied and personally handpicked, just as you would when choosing something for your friends, family and people close to you.

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The Skinbar Squad

We are a team of quirky, skincare-obsessed mom-and-daughters who enjoy trips to the salon and a little bit of pampering every now and then.

Skinbar has allowed us to do what we want to do (mix ingredients, create products from gentle and natural ingredients, test the products out ourselves), while spending more time with each other.

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Our Skincare Philosophy

Our Mission

Each product is formulated with great care, making sure that we’re providing only the best for your varied skin needs. Through our products, we’ll take care of you like you’re part of our family.

Skincare should be FUN!

We believe that skincare is what it should be: fun, addictive, satisfying. Something you’ll always look forward to. Something you’d skip night-outs with the girlfriends for. Something you’d be devoted to, like binge-watching K-Drama.

Just starting a skincare routine should already feel as rewarding as achieving your skincare goals.

Self-love through skin-love

Every little thing you do for yourself should be celebrated. You deserve to treat your skin right and take time to do the things that make your heart full.

Simply applying a serum onto your skin or feeling the coolness of a face mask is already a therapeutic and happy experience.

Skinbar is all about engaging in these small acts of love for yourself. It’s more than just about looking good; we also want you to feel good about taking care of yourself.

The Skinbar Menu

Strawberry Shortcake Purifying Clay Mask - P320

Give your face the star treatment after a long, tiring day. Specially formulated with bentonite clay and kaolin clay, this mineral-rich, detoxifying dreamboat will banish all the skin nasties, leaving you with a deeply cleansed, smoother and clearer skin.

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Sugar Cookie Dough Body Creamy Clay Mask - P290

A gentle home spa treatment that will help you achieve a glowing bod! Formulated with the nurturing care of kaolin clay, which draws out impurities from your pores, purifies your skin and helps improve overall skin health.

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Lemon Sorbet Brightening Gel Mask - P280

A pillow-proof overnight mask that gives your skin a much-needed refresh to help you achieve luminous glow-levels.

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The Lumi Series - P 400

Our bestselling facial set that will keep your skin free from pimple-causing dirt and provide deep moisturization without irritating the skin. Not only does it deal with dark spots and dry skin cells, it also improves your skin's overall texture and visibly minimizes lines and wrinkles.

Each set includes: Lumi Gleam Syrup cleanser, Go With The Glow Tonic Juice, Lumi Bright Day Cream, Overnight Glow Night Cream.

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Skin Renew - P 400

A deep-cleansing skincare set that treats impurities, improves skin texture, and promotes a more radiant complexion. Each set includes: Tea Tree Glow Milk cleanser, Purifying Tonic Juice, Day Protect Day Cream and Night Rebuild Night Cream.

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Peach Please Acne Spot Treatment - P 260

Formulated with 8 natural acne-fighting ingredients that help bust the four leading causes of acne: excessive sebum secretion, clogged pores, bacteria and inflammation.

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Bright Beam Serum - P250

Improves your skin's moisture balance, and helps reduce wrinkles, fine lines and dark spots. It is enriched with high levels of hyaluronic acid and collagen that aim to plump, hydrate and add dewiness to your skin for a youthful glow.

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Color Fluff - P250

Contains the all-natural goodness of Aloe Vera, lemon extract and collagen. Simply apply onto cheeks for a gorgeous and natural pinkish tint.

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Tea Tree Glow Bar - P 100

A brightening bar soap with Tea Tree Oil, Glutathione and Hyaluronic Acid that deeply cleanses and fights bacteria-causing acne. It hydrates and refreshes skin for naturally radiant and younger looking skin.

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Glow Bar (Arbutin) - P 100

An intensive brightening soap combined with Arbutin, Licorice Extract and Kojic Dipalmitate that remove dark spots and dry skin cells. It gives a healthy, luminous skin all day.

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