About Me

Leah, the Esthetician Student

My name is Leah. I just graduated from Esthetician school. An esthetician is a trained technician who specializes in skin beautification by performing cosmetic skin treatments, such as facials, body treatments, make-up, etc. I'm extremely knowledgeable in product ingredient selections for all types/conditions of skin. I enjoy performing massages on my clients to release their stress and induce relaxing peace. I'm interested in specializing in anti-aging services, permanent make-up, body treatments, and men's services. If you're interested in getting a skin care service with me, please message me on my Instagram page.

Skin Treatments


One skin care treatment I enjoy providing is Microdermabrasion. Microdermabrasiom is a mechanical exfoliation that sloughs off dead skin cells and the dull top layer of skin. It increases blood circulation causing dramatic improvements in your skin’s texture, tone, and color after one session, such as:

-Fresher looking skin
-Diminished wrinkles
-Minimized fine lines
-Smoother skin
-Brighter skin tone
-Better skin color
-Shrunken pores
-Reduced age spots
-Faded scars
-Firmer, tighter skin
-Cleaner-looking skin
-More radiant complexion
-Rejuvenated appearance

For longer-lasting results, it’s beneficial to have a treatment plan consisting of 5-10 treatments. A typical treatment plan starts with 2 sessions per month for the first 2-3 months, then touch-up treatments every 1-2 months to maintain and prolong the desired effects. Utilizing this type of plan, your results improve more over time, allowing you to enjoy fresher skin and a more youthful appearance.