About Me!

Sugar and Spice with a little bit of Puppy Dog Tails thrown in..

Hi! My name is Kristine and I’m a wife of 30 years, a boy mom of 3 by birth, a bonus mom of 3, and Mema to 12! I work full time as a School Secretary, and love being around people. I also own a small sewing business that specializes in memory quilts and pillows, but my main focus is t-shirt quilts.

One day I felt this pull from God, to help women feel beautiful both on the inside and the outside. So I jumped feet first into becoming a Pomifera Partner in March of 2021, just 8 months after I began using it. Not only have I helped other women, I have become so much more confident in who I am as a woman.

My 6 Top Picks for Beautiful and Soft Skin

One basic ingredient derived from an unusual fruit

Want amazing skin at a price point you can afford? Please read on and check out my web site.

Recommendation #1 - HEAL (Body Oil)

Paired with our ⭐️ ingredient Pomifera oil is Sunflower, Jajoba and Grapeseed oils, this multi purpose oil helps nourish and enhance skin radiance, while providing antioxidant protection. This is a non-greasy, non-sticky oil that quickly absorbs into the skin for lasting hydration. It has helped to heal cuts, blisters, and dry cracked heals. I love it for my restless legs.

Recommendation #2 - ERASE (Pre-Cleanse)

This is a gentle oil free formula that dissolves impurities, hydrates skin and is safe for all skin types and eyelash extensions. ERASE is a great pre-cleanse to help loosen dirt and makeup. Use instead of those toxic face wipes.

Recommendation #3 - BALANCE (Facial Cleanser)

There are two formulas of our face cleanser. One for dry/sensitive/mature skin and one for normal/oily/acne prone skin. This is a hydrating facial cleanser that follows ERASE.

Recommendation #4 - STIMULATE (Exfoliant Cleanser)

This powerful cleanser is formulated with pure jajoba beads to gently exfoliate dead skin cells and clear surface debris. Peppermint essential oil helps to cleanse the skin and act as a natural antiseptic. I use it in the morning as my wake-up call.

Recommendation #5 - RESTORE (Facial Exfoliant)

This wonderful exfoliant is a combination of Pomifera oil, ground up walnuts, sunflower and grapeseed oils. It is best when used 2-3 times per week to stuff off all the old dead skin cells and helps promote new skin growth making smooth, soft and beautiful skin.

Recommendation #6 - THE POWER OF THREE (Brighten, Plump, Rose)

PO3 consists of the final three pieces to a glorious skin care routine. BRIGHTEN is a Vitamin C serum combined with Vitamin E and it increases its effects up to 20x’s greater than ordinary Vit C serums. PLUMP is a youth serum that brings life back to dry tired skin and plumps it through use of a professional strength dose of Hyaluronic Acid. ROSE is our anti-aging serum and complete moisturizer. It is our pure unrefined cold pressed Pomifera oil with drops of lavender to help the scent. It is clinically proven to help with age spots, wrinkles, skin damage, hyper pigmentation, fine lines and softens skin texture.