Who is Skinfluencedkw?

Victoria Slough— Advanced Esthetician

Skincare is my passion!! I love helping people with their skin & giving them that inner confidence & the power of knowledge. Forming personal connections with my clients is an added bonus!

Though facials are my main service I provide, I am trained in a wide range of other esthetic services. I am certified as a medical esthetician, as well I have taken a pedology course & I am always learning to broaden my knowledge & practice!

When I’m not working or working on my social media, I love being with my dogs, gardening & planning my next project around the house.

I have also been doing fertility treatments for almost 4 years & that’s like a full time job as well, but because of that I am more aware of pregnancy safe ingredients & am always hunting down products with less chemicals or “low tox” so that was important to me within Skinfluenced & the brands I was choosing!

Being laid off when the pandemic started. is really what lit the fire in me, to finally start my own business! I’ve been an esthetician for 14 years so it was about time!

SkinfluencedKW has been open for 4 months now, & I have been loving meeting new clients & introducing you to my space that I created just for you. I love creating new services & even have my own line of locally made, low tox candles! I have recently put more focus on growing this business as I’ve gone down to part time at my other job. So excited to be chasing my dreams! Thanks for being here!!

SkinfluencedKW’s Top Picks for summer

Image skincare product recommendations for you!

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For sun protection

As most of you know this product is not currently available as we await health Canada’s seal of approval on the new & improved formula—can’t wait to experience it, as it was already amazing before!

Message me if you’re in need of a substitute while we wait for it to come in!

For after being outside all day

Use one of these hydrogel sheet masks after being out in the sun to give your skin that drink of water it’s really needing!

For washing off your spf

It’s important to be gentle to our skin in the summer! This organic gel cleanser is the ideal product for all skin types in the summer for 1st cleanse. We should never go to bed with our spf on!

For sun damage

Use this serum once or twice daily to treat & prevent pigmentation & sun damage. Can also be used to treat melasma. Don’t forget your spf on top!

For a gentle exfoliation

Even when we try not to get a sunburn sometimes the skin has just had enough! Use this coconut milk powder exfoliant to gently increase cell turnover, improve pigmentation & soften the skin.

For your lips

Our lips need hydration too! We often forget about our skin there & constantly use drying product on our pout! Being out in the sun dries our lips too! Increase volume by increasing the hydration with this non sticky gloss!

Grab the pink shimmer one for proceeds to go to the Skin foundation—helping children in 3rd world countries receive skin surgeries.


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