My StoryΒ β€”

What led me to MONAT

Hi everyone!!
My name is Starfire!! Welcome to my website!! Here you will find the hair and skincare quizzes for the MONAT products and also information about my favorite products that led me to become a MONAT market partner. But before that, here's a little bit about what led me to MONAT!!
Before I went to MONAT, I struggled with my hair. And over the years, the damage of my stress combined with some medical problems was starting to take its toll. I was losing my hair, my ends were split like you wouldn't believe, and the breakage from brushing my hair was bad. I had tried many different products but none completely helped my hair. Some would help in one area and others in another area. I was one step away from just cutting it all off and restarting from scratch but I didn't want to do that because it had taken me 4 years to grow my hair back from the last time I cut it and it was just too much. Then I found MONAT. I'd found an all-natural, vegan, cruelty free product that actually worked on my hair. It actually worked!! Since then, I was hooked and I made the transition from VIP to a MONAT Market Partner and I have never regretted my decision. MONAT didn't just save my hair, it changed my life for the better and my hope is that I can help you achieve your hair, skin, and wellness goals!! Because at MONAT, we build BEAUTIFUL LIVES.