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Next Chapter

Hi my name is Lika and I am excited to be able to present this new opportunity to help woman gain the look, confidence, lifestyles, and finacially security all by being healthy, happy, mental, and physically free. I have been athletic my entire life due to the fact I've been playing basketball since age 12 and played professionally after college. Once I stopped playing basketball as often as I used to and gear my career to modelling I started to gain weight more so because my eating habits didn't change. I was a junk food addicted and because I used to be consistently active I didn't put on the weight until my office changed with from on a basketball court to late nights and photoshoots. To get back in shape and stay healthy I started working out again which allowed me to drop from 195lbs to 178lbs within 5 1/2 weeks. The crazy thing is I didn't even feel the extra weight on me until I looked back to photos of me and I couldn't believe how big I got. I am at a point in my life that I realize I have to do all I can now to never go back to that weight and stay healthy. I heard about ItsWorks wraps from a friend and it was all over my facebook, twitter, and InstaGram. I finally decided to try them and once I witness how it works and how fast I saw results I was hooked. Then a light bulb went off in my head and I become very intrigued on how I can help woman and men drop pounds and keep them motivated to stay healthy and workout. After thinking it over for about 2 weeks I decided that it was only right to become a distributor. With Itsworks, its become easy and a exciting way to stay motivated to get and keep the body you want in the most affordable and natural way possible. The thinning of your thighs, desire for a smaller waistline, and getting rid of unwanted back fat is all available to you right here. This company is crazy to allow this wrap thingy to be so affordable and provide the financial freedom at the same time. I am so blessed to have this opportunity and excited to turn over woman and men lives one wrap at time.