Why you shouldn't trave to Palomino

If you Google Palomino you'll find many websites telling you how cool and great place it is and even the top 10 reasons why you have to visit Palomino.

Described as the hippies coolest towns of the Caribbean cost, Palomino is actually one of the most poor living areas in the country.
Known fact is that children died of starvation and the water is not really potable, as well as diseases such as malaria, dengue and paludism are the most popular around, that's how it was spread around the world.

If Palomino could define as something, demographicly speaking, it would be "the forgotten town". Without even a police station or a hospital near by but about one hour drive.

All thanks and hosted by in the first place the Colombian government and second, by the incredible amount of foreigners visiters per year that by staying in a hostel front beach view don't witness the reality of that town.
But if you are the ones that can't afford for a hostel like that, that can easily cost you an eye, and you stay in a low profile hostel at only 10 min away from the beach you will notice how the view changes every corner.

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