Color tutorial

Arispanda old coloring

Here’s my coloring tutorial and credits are optional! <33

Apps need : 24fps,snow,prequel,ultralight, and B612!
Step 1. App snow: upload your Video then go to AR filter! Then go to cute and scroll until you find the hearts for cheeks!

Step 2. App:24fps upload the video with the hearts on cheeks then go to the green,blue,red circles press the “+” on the top right corner then Import the red flavor code on the screen! After that save!.

Step 3. App: ultralight upload your video then press edit on bottom then press the triangle now do this to the settings.

Clarity: -5 or -7

Sharpen : -10

Noise : -10

Then save.

Step 4. App: B612 upload video then press filter and go to the section “calm” then scroll until you see fade 1 then put the setting to 100+ then save

Step 5. App: prequel press adjustments then do this to the settings.

Exposure: -20

Contrast : 20+

Highlights: 35+

Shadows : -35

Saturation: -25 or -35

Blur : optional

Prequel filter : Boston setting to 50 or 25

Prequel effects : dust setting to 100% filter to 0!

Step 6. App:ultralight then do the setting

Clarity : -5

Then add text then done

Old Theme tut

Arispanda old theme

Here’s a tutorial for my theme and credits optional! <33


Apps need: vont

Here’s the font I use

Kind heart
Lemon milk medium

You can get the fonts at !

Here’s a tutorial on the text pattern thing!

Step 1 . Go to vont app then make a simple question using the Lemon milk medium font.

Step 2. Press on the question or text then press style then press create color pattern .

Step 3. Put black color in the first tab then white color in the 2nd tab.

Step 4. In the top near the right press horizontal!

Step 5. Go to stroke then make the stroke white color then put width to 30+ or 28+!

Step 6. Press the style in the top middle then do shadow to -60 then done!