Changing the Reality

First off, let me thank YOU for coming this far to take a chance on changing your reality. So let me start this off introducing myself, my name is Sky Cota. I am a born and raised Arizonian (person from the hottest place in the USA). I am lover of many things: God, food, travel, sports, good skin, great hair, all things make up and my three favorite people in the world. This life has taken me by a surprise but good things come when they are unexpected!

I am currently a full time manager at the best eye care facility in the west, Petelin Vision, and a part time network marketer to a billion dollar company. It has been a dream to retire young and travel the world with my family, so here I am creating our future one leap at a time.

If there’s a life you want, you have to get it. Life isn’t going to wait for you so don’t you wait for it! Come join me on this amazing ride and change your reality!

Whether your goal is to become top tier in the company and retire young or get your hands on some of the best product out there, this company is for you! Let me help YOU manifest your destiny and fulfill all your dreams. We are in this together and will create the best versions of ourselves together! But tell me, if you could have the best skin and hair AND make an uncapped additional income every month, wouldn’t you? Rhetorical question ;)

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Let’s do this!

Sky xx