Social Media and the Technology Behind It

How Can You Have an Enjoyable AND Safe Time On Social Media?

Social media has became a giant part of our lives as we know them but is it actually doing more good than harm. Filters on social media platforms such as TikTok and Instagram can cause major mental health issues. In fact, some of these filters can achieve more than plastic surgery! So we are putting these unrealistic beauty standards on teens from a young age and its just became normal?!?

What can we do about it:

We need to be able to identify if someone is using a filter, some social media platforms such as Instagram have a caption saying something like “made with effects” but some people can be quite sneaky and do things like edit their photos in seperate apps so social media platforms don’t recognise their photos as filtered. It is hard not to compare yourself to some of the people on social media but it is crucial to remember that what you see on social media is almost never real. Remember these things to help you decipher what’s real and what’s not:
1. If the background appears to be warped or manipulated
2. If someone looks absolutely perfect with no lines, pores, pimples or blemishes on their face
3. If someone has a slightly different face shape, eye colour, lip shade or size, body shape or skin tone on every photo they post it is most likely fake
These simple steps can help you be a happier and more confident person while online and in real life and just remember, if you are using a filter on your photos that is changing anything about you, what is that doing to others mental health and your own mental health because no one is perfect and your imperfections is what makes you beautiful. 💕💗💖

Click the link down the bottom to see data collected from 6B about their social media habits

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