hi it’s jean

here are some things you might wanna know about me

— i’m jean and i’m 16
— i’m from singapore 🇸🇬
— pronouns are she/her

stan list:
- oned (band & solo)
- bts
- gigi hadid
- ashe
- jess and gabe



here are some messages for the people i love most:

to the people i love the most — my idols and my friends, thank you truly for everything you’ve done for me. your support and encouragement means more to me than you’d ever understand and i’m so incredibly grateful and blessed to have been able to meet you. even when all else fails, remember i love you, and you are strong ❤️

one direction <3

my favourite boys, thank you for helping me through the hardest times of my life, giving me reasons to smile and continue looking forward to tomorrow. you have made me realise the beautiful things in life that i’ve previously neglected, and you have taught me to see the beauty in every situation, be it good or bad. your love and passion radiates through the screens and i am always in awe of your attitudes towards everything you do. whether or not you decide to come back as a band, i’d always be supporting you because you never fail to amaze me with your talent. you always inspire me with your kind hearts and selfless acts, and encourage me to never give up. words could never describe how much you mean to me, all 5 of you, and remember i love you all infinitely 💞

bts <3

my precious oppas, even though ive only recently became a huge fan, i’ve always been amazed by your sweet personalities and humour. the 7 of you always manage to bring a smile to your fans’ faces with your dorkiness, but at the same time could make us cry our eyes out because of the sweet words you’ve said to us. please never feel like you haven’t done enough because we appreciate each and every single thing you’ve done for us. thank you for making me smile through my hardest times, showing me that it’s possible to see the good in everything. you’re all absolute angels and i love you very much 🥺 사랑해 방탄소년단 !! 💘

gigi <3

gi, you are so righteous and i admire you for that so much. you’re absolutely gorgeous inside and out, and i wished i could learn to be more kind and giving like you. you’re already the best mum to your little angel and i’m so proud to have someone like you to look up to ilysm 💕

ashe <3

ashe, you’re so beautiful and i’m sure everyone can see that through your songs and obviously, you. your humour honestly >>> and you just seem like the sweetest and softest human to ever exist and i wanna hug you so bad ily 🥺