Hey everyone! I’m so happy you’re here! I’m Skylar, I’m 20 years old & I have a sweet baby girl, Ava Rose. I graduated highschool in hopes of being a cosmetologist one day. After deciding to go to school, I got pregnant and had my baby! Money was tight and I was working in the restaurant industry where I wasn’t reaching my full potential or being valued like I should have. I came across Monat, thanks to my sister who shared this opportunity with me and I have been dead set on it ever since! This business has so much to offer. I fell in love with the community itself on top of being able to work from my bed! I still want to pursue being a cosmetologist but I think I am going to put that on hold for a little bit because this opportunity is so worth it!! If you are feeling lost in life, like you are stuck and want to move forward with something amazing, don’t worry. I WAS THERE TOO. Just take this leap of faith with me & I will show you the way! THIS OPPORTUNITY WILL CHANGE YOUR LIFE!!

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