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Hey there!

Thanks for checking out my page! If I have not gotten the chance to meet you before.. Hi! I’m Skyler Weinmann. I’m a small town girl living the city life, who loves Jesus, people, and all things music!

I live in the beautifully captivating city of Nashville, TN and love it each + every day! My day job allows me to work from anywhere so here we are!😍 After hours, I get to help others -LIKE YOU- get their best hair, skin, + wellness, yet!

My hope for this page is to bring life to things that I’m passionate about and share them with you! Interact with me—let me know when you like something I spotlight or want more info! I’d love to hear from you! Enjoy! ♥️

2021 Reading List

Autobiographies, Fiction, Christian Literature—I love them all! These are the books I’m reading this year, in order, with more to come! As I’ve read them, I’ll put a ✔️ by it, to keep track with where I am. Feel free to read along with me!

“Love, Lucy” ✔️

Lucille Ball’s autobiography written in the early 60’s. She wrote this quietly with a confidant who mailed it to Lucy’s attorney. It wasn’t found until after Lucy had passed and is truly a gift to us all.

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“Brush of an Angel’s Wing” ✔️

Through experiences of his own, Shedd shows us a glimpse of what brushes of angels’ wings looks like and feels like. He describes moments he’s been rescued, felt strengthened and supported, and divine encounters that only have one explanation: Jesus.

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“Midnight Sun” ✔️

This novel by Stephanie Meyer is among the Twilight Series. This installment is the story of Twilight, but told in Edward’s perspective, one of the main characters in this series. Twilight was told in Bella’s perspective so reading from Edward’s perspective was amazing. Hearing his thoughts, how he could read thoughts of others, and just seeing from his point of view made this story complete!

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“Miracle on Voodoo Mountain” ✔️

Written (and lived) by Megan Boudreaux, we learn about a woman’s experiences and heart as she moves to Haiti, alone, with hope for the children of Haiti. Megan’s story is absolutely incredible! This will be a frequent of mine for many years to come. I love Haiti so much and through this book, I get to travel there through Megan’s words. If you love the heart of God, people, missions, or Haiti, this is a must read for sure!♥️

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“Chase the Lion”

Mark Batterson is widely known in the Christian Lit realm for sure! This addition invites you to follow your dreams, no matter how large, and encourages you all the while.

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“Don’t Stop Believin’”

Olivia Newton John’s long awaited autobiography is here!! I got it right when it came out last year, but needed to set it aside until I could really sit down, enjoy, and soak it all in.. and I cannot wait!

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“The Mulberry Tree”

Jude Deveraux has written many novels, most of which have made the New York Times bestsellers list. This particular novel is one of love, loss, and tragedy, leading the protagonist through a whirlwind life of having it all, losing it all, and having to pick up the pieces and fight for her place in this brand new world.

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