Learn a bit about me

Hey fellas, I’m Sky Gray!
I am an artist, dancer, musical theatre performer and entrepreneur! I’ve been immensely passionate about the arts ever since I can remember and I am continually trying to spread awareness of the benefits of the performing arts in communities.
I also have a passion for authenticity (which is ironic because theatre is all about pretending to be someone you aren’t lol). It’s sad to me how many people are afraid or turned off by people being truly and beautifully themselves. The act of being confident in ones own skin is refreshing and empowering! To be honestly confident in yourself, however, is easier said than done. I’ve definitely struggled with this over the years.
In the last few months I have focused a lot on self care, which has greatly improved my ability to be proud of who I am. Something that has really helped me in my self love journey is a company called Monat. This company has incredible hair and skin products that are 100% organic and vegan 🌱(like me!). It has been about one month since I started using these products and already my skin is clear and bright and my hair is so curly and healthy! My friends and family have even pointed out the difference in my hair!
I feel so confident in my own naked skin and my natural curls!
My hair and skin have never felt so good!!!
But don’t take my word for it! Try it out for yourself!
These products are great for men, women, and children (they even have some products for your pets!)
Hit me up and I’ll get you connected!
Best wishes!🌿