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A 2 day masterclass like no other is launching inside our private FB group with a power hour from 10-11AM AEST each day on Tuesday 31 May + 1st June 2022.

I would love to invite you to join me inside this 2 day masterclass (45 min each day) where we will be really giving you a unique experience and introduction to life changing strategies and insights to change your relationship with money.

An invite for you to embody  a new way of living with more TIME, more CHOICE, more MONEY and more FREEDOM!

Slav xxx

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Hey Queen

A little background of where I was before I started my online biz.

Mid 2018 I was stuck in a traditional business and had to close my store down and decided to go online due to expenses overriding my profits and I was not in a great place. I knew what I was doing was not who I was. Deep down I knew there had to be more from the life I was living.

That same year in Nov 2018 sadly my dad passed away and it was the most heart breaking and grateful moments of my life. There was so much duality here. I got a slap in the face in where I was going and what I was doing in my life. It made me realize no matter what you do you need to be able to wake up everyday and love what you do and really live a life with no regrets. Its way too precious not to.

2019 I was on a journey of discovery of finding a different way of doing business and life. I knew I had to be my own boss. I came across this online biz that a friend was doing and it ticked all the boxes.

I found a new way that is changing lives for so many people right now. A new way to build a brand, biz and legacy online with automation all from your phone from wherever you choose.

Connecting to a global community of amazing women who are all thriving to be the best versions of themselves and changing their lives from going broke to creating 6 figures online. So many beautiful stories in our community of transformations and people that are starting to live a life by design.

If you are ready for change. Ready to change the status quo. Ready to do things differently. Ready to see a new way of creating a leveraged income online with affiliate marketing all from your phone.

Times have changed especially the last few years and its time now to evolve and move with the digital economy and learning these life skills of being online creating an income not just scrolling.

Swipe left to watch a short webinar on how it actually works and how you can do this too!

Slav xxx