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Create inner peace, stress release, spirituality, self-care, soul-care, personal power, and emotional health. Every week you'll hear stories of inspiration from my guests and I to encourage your own personal journey inward. Plus, a soothing sound bath meditation to re-calibrate your energy and connect you to your Higher Self.

Bliss, Blessings, and Miracles!
Clemence Lafrades
Inner Peace Soul-care Coach
Vibration Sound Therapy

Girlfriend Chat with Debbie Haggin & Denise Ransom

Whew 2022 was a year!  Let's do each other a favor and check-in on one another's inner-peace in 2023.  Listen in while Debbie and Denise drop gems, plus share their tools and techniques for returning back to center when their peace is rocked.

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Inner-peace Even in Dysfunction

My 2023 Word of the Year is Inner-Peace, with that comes a re-direct of this show, my content, teachings, and offers for this year.  Relationship lessons in family and loss of friendship of 2022 triggered this focus.  Use the mess as your message and allow it to help you return home within yourself, your inner peace. For inner peace soul care coaching on Zoom or Vibration Sound Therapy in person:

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How to Use the New Moon Capricorn Energy

December 23rd 2023 is the last New Moon of the year!  Learn how to use the energy of Capricorn to get set up for 2023, how to create a Joy Wheel to assess your alignment with your heart and soul.  FREE virtual sound bath and energy clearing 7pm PST in our group  Also the first book club discussion of the year is February 1st 7pm PST in the group

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How to Use the New Moon in Capricorn Energy

De-colonizing & De-constructing your religion

Inner Engineering by Sahdguru

30 min Ocean & Singing bowls Sound Bath

Inner Peace Soul-care Reading

Books of the Month

Listen/Read the Book then join a discussion at the beginning of the following month in the Slay and Shine FB group. By using the provided Amazon Affiliate links you help to support me, please and thank you! Visit for more recommendations.

January's Reading

You are the Mountain, Turn self-sabotage into self-mastery.
SlayandShine FB Group Book Club discussion Wednesday Feb 1st 6:30pm

February's Reading

The Alchemist: A Fable About Following Your Dream by Paulo Coelho

March's Reading

The Journey Into Yourself- by Echart Tolle