Slayd In Sea

A look into Kitchen Slayd, food enthusiast

I began cooking at 6. My Papa (father) was allowing me to cook eggs in the kitchen so that I was more self sufficient. Through that I discovered the freedom cooking can bring. It opened a level of awareness that brought a sense of calm for me. He allowed me to cook, and it allowed us to bond! Being Latina also meant we cooked together because it could labor intensive for 1 person. My Mom would have me de seed dried chiles for rojo sauce, or have me sort black beans. My aunts would come over and we’d make Tamales and laugh, catch up on the latest tea, or make more plans to get together again. Helping at out in that way allowed me to feel adequate, helpful, and fulfilled. I think that is why I fell in love with food. It was all around me, and when we ate together it always felt like home. Food didn’t hurt feelings, it never left, it always comforted.

Fast forward to 23…. When I met my husband (12 years ago) I always worked in the food industry. From Starbucks, to The Rock Pizza Kitchen, and even a local beloved Ale house I was always surrounded by food. I worked long hours and would still be excited to prepare a home cooked meal. He would always encourage me to take up cooking as a profession because he could taste the love in my food. Not knowing where to start, and becoming a Mom of 1 I shifted focus to stay home with our daughter. 4 years later I took his advice and enrolled in Le Cordon Bleu. Finding out I was pregnant with our son after receiving my aprons, uniform, and welcome packet I withdrew. You are tested on your palette and I feared I wouldn’t be able to give school 110%. Food was more for family after our son was born. My love for food never seized. It actually increased.

I now cook for family and share what I cook on Instagram. I had to find an avenue to share my love for food and the dishes I create. I discovered through this blogging process that I also love to write recipes. Everyone’s technique is different when writing recipes but for me creating a dish & writing it down as I go is so liberating. It’s an edible art form. You can find my recipes & food over at Instagram…. Go follow and like! Say hello :-)