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Lifedesigner, soulpreneur, Financial Advisor, Holistic Life & Health Coach, NLP Psychology Coach|Mentaltrainer|Reiki master /energyhealer),lightworker, humanitarian, nature & animallover, vegan, lifeenjoyer, Projector 4/6 (human design), mother of 2. ♒︎Aquarius with a libra rising♎︎,

Or said in an easier way: a spiritual being having a human experience on this earth like everybody else✨
I actually don’t like labels, I don’t let them define me & who I really am, but I only use them to guide people who do not know me & what I am doing. Dont let anyone define you, because you are so much more than all of your so called labels😉

Hi and welcome✨
I’m Ellen. I’m a woman with an old soul born in the 80’s, from Norway, lived in Spain with my family & 2 kids from 2018-2022 after jumping off the hamster wheel from an «ordinary» job & life in finance to following my heart & dreams again after being «sleepwalking» for so many years. Connecting to myself by living mindful for so many years in Spain especially has been so transformative. Turning back to myself, to the heart, has been so lifechanging.

My soulmission is to guide, be a light, rolemodel to others & to help people especially women to awaken, follow their heart & tap into their power & design a life they love and deserve. I am a truthspeaker and speak straight from my soul and have an extra heart for animals and the less fortunate in this world. I also work for a greener world, advocating and being a voice for the animals and more.

Cause you deserve and can have it all: good health, joy, abundance, financial freedom, love, balance and more.
I have tried «the normal» path going to school, study at university, got my business education, worked in a normal worklife from 8-16, hustling and doing using my logic and brain all the time instead of be-ing and listening to the heart. Everything in the masculine way.
I started to awake & slowly start to listen more to my heart & return to my feminine soul after I got kids, but I hadn’t learned how to listen and follow my intuition then until I properly connected to myself and started to unlearn (decondition) the brain, heal and transform and connecting to my inner goddess & my soul. We are all intuitive beings and our body & soul knows the way if we just listen properly. When we do we are able to create the most amazing life for ourselves. We can heal, and when we do that we are not only helping ourselves but out children, our lineage and the world.

After I implemented a holistic approach towards my life I started to improve my health & energy & heal my imbalances (read: illnesses in my body), and therefore I am such a big fan of holistic wellness & living & a plantbased lifestyle combined with a growth updated mindset. Because everything is connected and everything starts within. When we connect within we can change so much both in our own life & body mind soul.

I grew up with people around me and mindsets that said it was not possible for me to have all that I desired and feeling unworthy. What they were saying was that from where they standing with their mindset and their lack of worthyness, I couldn’t do it. So I had to upgrade and do better so I knew I deserved it. The same is for you. Just because somone says you can’t do something doesn’t mean it is impossible =possible. But by going through fire and darkness I gained much strengths that helped me grow stronger, I grew and learned to change the way I was thinking, upgrading my beliefsystem and healing the wounds so I could dare to follow my dreams and start to create a life I desired, despite what anyone around me said & did. We are all students of life; and learning and growing is a big part of it.
I know that if we open our heart and are willing to learn and evolve we can create our wildest dreams not just for ourselves but for the benefit of others and all the earthlings. When you give you will receive. Investing in myself especially in the last 4 years personalgrowth & heartguided education and selfdevelopment as I have done for over 20 years is the best investment ever💫 The best investment you will ever do is investing in yourself because it will benefit not only you, but your family, your community and the world.

Are you ready to start your journey towards your highest self and design a life you & your soul is dreaming of?
Remember you have what it takes. Your thoughts and feelings creates your reality so let’s start this journey together✨

You have been guided here for a reason. It is not a coincidence, it is a sign for you to step up & begin your journey towards a better life 💫

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