About Loveena Davies

Ive always wanted to write books ever since I could write sentences. I became an English/literature teacher to support students to love reading.

I’m a 30 something writer, wifey and a mama of a baby born with Clubfoot. We live in outback Australia where I teach.

I have always wanted children’s books with characters who are hero’s of their own adventures. They choose not to be stopped by life’s challenges but instead choose to be part of unbelievable adventures.

When I met my son I definitely knew there was an adventure I had to write about.

Sleepy Boots

Children’s Picture Book

‘Sleepy boots’ is an adventure book encouraging children to dream big even when things don’t go our way. The main character is a baby born with clubfoot and story follows him and his parents as they navigate through the journey of having clubfoot.

Clubfoot occurs in about one in every 1000 births. Clubfoot varies from mild to severe. In all cases, the foot is turned down and inwards, with an increased arch and a deep crease on the sole of the foot.

With treatment almost all children have feet that allow them to participate fully in all normal activities.

This project has been big part of my life over the last 2 years. As a mum of a baby born with Clubfoot, special education teacher and a lifelong passionate reader. I wanted to create a children’s book for families with babies born with clubfoot, children who are currently going through treatment and to create awareness and promote diversity to everyone else around us.

‘Sleepy boots’ provides representation for children who have clubfoot or not. They are the hero of their own adventure and can choose not to be stopped by life’s challenges. They can instead choose to dream unbelievable adventures ahead.

The journey ahead…
I want create representation of children born with Clubfoot and their families. Although there are a few Clubfoot books out there. I want help continue that to get larger. Our Clubfoot babies deserve books that reminds them there is everything ‘normal’ about their bedtime routines and life around them.

Over the next few months we launch our Kickstarter Campaign. Until then could you share those around you like and follow on Instagram and Facebook.


With much gratitude

Loveena Ekta Davies