Career Coaching & Clinical Reflection for SLPs

Cultivate Joy & Ease in Your Work

My name is Jacki and I am speech language pathologist & yoga instructor with a passion for helping others get to know their nervous systems, regulate, and show up with authenticity & ease. As a natural empath and part introvert, I find that long days of clinical work can be draining, stressful, and anxiety inducing. I have merged my passions for yoga, mindfulness, and regulation with my experience working as a SLP to offer coaching and clinical reflection sessions with the intention to help SLPs decrease burnout and compassion fatigue and cultivate joy in their work.


Sessions Thoughtfully Curated for You

Virtual weekly sessions to reflect, learn & regulate

Holding space for you to process the challenges of being a SLP + offering new, tangible practices to implement at and outside of work

A multi-modal approach:
•Talking & Self-Reflection
•Guided Journaling
•Video Feedback & Reflection

Sessions May Address:

•Showing up present in your work
•Attuning to your self
•Attuning to your client
•Exploring new, holistic modalities to support regulation (both clinician & client)
•Making meaning of challenging client behaviors
•Holding a space for safety & connection
•The therapeutic power of “being with”
•Use meaningful relationships as the foundation of your therapy
•Protecting your energy
•Stress management
•Work/life balance
•Meeting clients where they’re at
•Cultivating play and laughter at work
•Nourishing your mind & body to sustain you

If you desire to…

•Have a consistent person to reflect with on all things related to work
•Feel supported, heard, & seen
•Learn new modalities related to regulation
•Cultivate empathy
•Decrease stress & anxiety during therapy sessions
•Build your clinical confidence
•Find your voice as new clinician
•Set boundaries in the workplace
•Efficiently access clinical knowledge & skills
•Use mindfulness, presence, & breathwork in your work
•Tap into your intuition to guide you in hard clinical decisions
•Establish work/life balance
•Feel more organized & efficient in your work
•Protect your energy in your sessions and with hard clients
•Yield better therapeutic outcomes

SLPs At Ease is for you!

I would love to hear from you!

Welcome! I am so grateful you found your way here! Being a SLP can be exhausting.
I am exhausted too. And that is why I decided to offer holistic career coaching and clinical reflection sessions to SLPs dealing with the daily struggles. Here’s how meeting weekly to reflect and process my work has impacted me:

In my current job, my boss offers weekly “supervision” or clinical reflection sessions to all of her employees. This reflection model is critical in the field of psychology but has yet to find its way as a critical component to the field of speech pathology. Clinical reflection has played an integral role in my evolution as a clinician. Meeting weekly one-on-one with my boss and participating in weekly team supervision has improved my clinical confidence, expanded my clinical knowledge, taught me work/life balance, and improved my overall well being in the workplace. This experience has inspired me to help clinicians (and clinicians-to-be) seek and embrace support in their work. I feel deeply compelled to guide other speech language pathologists in cultivating confidence, empathy, & joy through attunement & presence. I desire to empower clinicians to show up in alignment with who they are and help them foster their own personal interests in this field.

I would absolutely love to support and facilitate you in your SLP journey- wherever you are!

Clinical Fellows. New Clinicians. Graduate Students. I AM HERE FOR YOU!

Email me at for more information on pricing and next steps!

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