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A Membership for Small Shop Owners

As Boutique Owners I know you are ALWAYS BUSY and I wanted to give you back the most precious thing —- TIME!

With Small Shop Social you no longer have to:

❌Spend HOURS searching for quotes and engagement photos for your Facebook and Instagram accounts.
✅Small Shop Social provides you with 30+ engaging photos, funny quotes, inspiring quotes and even promotional VIDEOS to use that make your Boutique look professional while still being on trend and cute! (YES, these are updated EVERY MONTH)

❌Rack your brain for those witty and cute captions to sell your products.
✅Small Shop Social gives you 30 fill in the blank clothing captions AND 30 everyday engagement captions that relate to what’s going on in that current month, while staying up to date with current trends and what’s popular! (thing like... YOU on Netflix) All of our captions are written by a professional copywriter trained in the psychology of MAKING SALES!

❌Research and test which hashtags will bring in more engagement.
✅Small Shop Social provides you with 900 copy and paste hashtags so you can grab and test as many as you need that relate to Boutique shopping without the hours of research!

❌Looking up every holiday each month so you are prepared to celebrate with upcoming sales and events.
✅Small Shop Social provides you with a Micro Holiday Calendar so you know EVERY holiday coming up, even those silly ones —- never forget to give your siblings a shoutout on sibling day — or invite everyone’s fur babies to your store on National Fur Baby Day!

** We even have a Add On feature that’s only an additional $40/month to make all the photos branded to your boutique with custom backgrounds and Canva templates for your new arrivals! **

⚠️What’s even better, is we KNOW our content is THAT GOOD and WILL SAVE YOU HOURS OF TIME — so we offer a 7 day MONEY BACK GUARANTEE— you can also CANCEL ANYTIME ... so you’re not locked into the membership! ⚠️

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