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Hello, my name is Rose. I manage @smallshopshowcase
My main goal on this page is to promote small shops worldwide for FREE, I won’t ever charge for a post. Although, some have offered to buy me a coffee and I would never say no ☺️

Also, what I wish to do on this page is help small shops with business tips, mental health support, confidence and just cheer them on!
I’m not a professional but I always share the knowledge I gain from classes I take, my experiences, and business/life coaches advice.

I’ve recently teamed with a marketing virtual assistant that is also a mental health awareness blogger to bring you a podcast that talks about your mindset as a business owner and your mindset about your business. (Swipe for more in next slide ☺️)

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YouTube Channel

Audio podcast will be available soon! But we’ve already started our YouTube channel

Mindset and Marketing is going to focus on how your mindset can affect your marketing and how your business can affect your mental health.
Not only are we going to talk about struggles and obstacles but also how we and how others have overcome those struggles/obstacles.
We will chat with a different guest each episode and ask them to get real and honest about their struggles and we will have them tell us how they are taking care of their mental health and their business.
When I saw we, I mean Laura and I, Rose. Laura is a marketing virtual assistant that also blogs about mental health awareness. I am a small business owner and we both are passionate about helping others gain confidence while building their brand.

Please support us and subscribe if you are interested in learning more and getting a notification when we release our next video. We will be releasing a video biweekly with a new guest each time.