Small Town Paws

trendy, minimalistic, high quality apparel and accessories for animal lovers!

Welcome to Small Town Paws. If you’re here, we most likely have one thing in common.. our world revolves around our pet(s).

Here at Small Town Paws, we create one-of-a-kind custom items for pet parents around the world. Not only are these items one-of-a-kind, but they are guaranteed to bring you happiness and comfort. They are items you will tresure forever ❤️

Pet obsessed and well dressed? This customized, cozy t-shirt is preshrunk and 100% cotton. This will be your new closet favorite and an item that you will find yourself reaching for. Whether you are treating yourself, or gifting it for a loved one, it is sure to be a staple piece. Your favorite photos of your fur baby, will be turned into an outlined sketch for you to treasure FURever!

We answered our most Frequently Asked Questions about shopping with Small Town Paws!

What are the best type of photos to send?

Close up, high quality, well lit, full head in frame (don’t crop ears, top of head etc.), unfiltered, straight on

Portrait mode usually works great!

Are the t-shirts unisex?


Do we see the outline before you make the item?

ONLY if you request a proof at the time of ordering!

How many photos do you recommend we send of each pet?

3 photos of each pet would be amazing!

Do you have to have the name of your pet underneath or can you write something else?

You don’t have to have the name of your pet under the image! You can have no name, or you can personalize it to something else like “dog mom”

Just be sure to let us know at the time of ordering.

If we have more than one pet, do we send photos of them together or individual photos of each ?

Individual photos work best! But you can attach multiple photos, so you can send some individual and some together if you’d like.