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Here you will find the best fitness recipes that are quick and easy to prepare. Conscious nutrition often has something to do with tricks. To replace unhealthy fast food and calorie bombs with healthy and tasty alternatives is my speciality. At the same time I pay attention to a high protein component.

Magic rolls

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I recently promised to post the recipe for my magic rolls. They are magical for me because they only contain 92 calories per roll, but have the consistency and taste of normal rolls. They also keep you full for a very long time. Of course you can change the recipe and add sunflower seeds or other seeds.

Magic rolls 🍞💫

▪️130 gr egg white powder @lcarbshop
▪️30 gr almond flour white deoiled @lcarbshop
▪️30 gr psyllium husks
▪️15 gr potato fiber @lcarbshop
▪️1 package baking soda
▪️250 gr low-fat curd
▪️150 - 200 ml water
▪️30 gr buckwheat groats
▪️1 tsp konjac flour
▪️1 tsp salt

First mix all dry ingredients together. Best with a whisk.
Mix the quark with the water until smooth.
Mix everything together until a fluffy dough is formed.
Place 10 portions on a baking tray (maybe on 2, the dough will rise).
Bake for about 30 minutes on 180 degrees.

Nutrition per piece (10 pieces in total): Calories 93 / Carbs 4 g / Protein 16 g / Fat 0 g

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