Sharon-Maree Groves

The time is now

Hi I'm Sharon-Maree and I am a mother of 2 beautiful kids and everything I do is for my kids, my family and future.

I have tried many things to make more money to help my family and in the end it has cost me more than I ever got back.

So I just went on with my every day job which I do love, don't get me wrong, but I'd prefer trading my time for money.

So I came across something that is giving more than banks do per week.

With a return of 5-6% weekly on an investment with an automated forex trading platform, you'll be earning money without having to do anything yourself. There is even a way to earn money without recruiting anyone!


What is Cashfx? Well I'm glad you asked.

Well Cashfx is for everyone!
EVERYONE makes money just 72 hours after they start their account.

Here's the best part. Once you purchase your first pack, the pros trade for you.
It's all automatic and pays WEEKLY
Sit back and watch money grow.

Or you want to generate more income? Simple! Just start sharing Cashfx with others


In the video below, it doesn't matter where you start at $300USD or $100,000USD. Everyone gets paid

The banks are already doing this with our money, but they keep the profits!

Now you can keep the profits to yourself.

Are you ready to get 5-6% weekly returns on your money EVERY SINGLE WEEK

Just click the links below!


What is Cashfx you ask?

A 11 minute video of a friend of mine explaining Cashfx.
Please use my links below to get started with Cashfx.
Thank you

Cashfx Official Explanation

There are 3 short vedios (you will need to scroll down after the first one)

1. Quick clip on why we need an additional income stream in today's ever changing world (90sec)

2. Explains Forex market and how you can make money by doing nothing at all (8.5mins)

3. Shares how you can make extra money by telling people about the business, just like I am sharing with you (12mins but not necessary to watch if you don't want to biuld a business)

Legacy for your family

A simple way to set up a family pack strategy that will allow you to reuse your profits to make more money.

Click on the link below and let Char a good friend of mine explain how to make your money work for you

How to sign up to Cashfx in Australia video

In here you will find my referral link to Coinspot, a step by step video guide to signing up with coinspot.

My referral link to signing up with CASHFX and my sign up video.

Today I have joining me is a great friend Casey and I am acting as a customer setting up my cashfx account.

Due Diligence

I've included our link to help you start the due diligence process as we recommend everyone does their own research before investing their money in any type of investment

Watch the Due Diligence video explaining everything legal about Cashfx.

When wanting more information about Cashfx, request to join this group. When joining you will be prompted to write who invited you. Make sure you write my name Sharon-Maree Groves otherwise you won't be accepted.