Some things abt me!

My names Alexis you can call me Lexi
I’m 11 turning 12 on August 12th golden birthday!
I have 3 dogs 1 cat and 1 leopard gecko
I run track and I used to play soccer
I’m in 6th grade going into 7th grade in a few weeks! xx

Some things I allow and don’t on my account!

we’ve come so far we hit over 1k!!💕

I allow a little bit of self promo but not a lot it gets annoying.
If I say for example “reply to cmnt if your
swaggy” or something like that I am not
trying to force you to reply to my cmnt.
Do not hate on other ppls opinions in my
comments I will delete them and block
you. I will update my milkshake website if
i get a new theme or coloring! xx

My coloring tutorial ty gorghelps for the qr code

SCREEN SHOT THE WHOLE PICTURE OF THE QR CODE! Go to the app 24fps click the + and click import polar image and import the QR code it should be the filter “Tak3 On M3” then go to prequel and go to filters click “Boston” intensity:25 effect dust but I don’t add it adjustments:contrast:-25 highlights100+ shadows:-100 sharpen:25 glow:35 blur:35-50 and on colourtone go to collections and go to the “Jasmine Hand” section and in the greenish teal part three only free filter on there is called marble use that I don’t use it either cuz I deleted colourtone for enough storage but give cc to dunkiespai she quit but she still deserves credit for her coloring even if she’s not here to see it! xx

These are the fonts for my current theme i will update this website if I get a new theme or coloring!

I will tell you if the font is not on!

Kg little swag
Lemon milk regular
Garlic salt
DJB Doodled Bits
KGarrows <—— write it like that
hill country
Habede Extra Doddles
Menina Graciosa Ornaments Two
bubbly regular !
Saint Joan Despi
Look up Saint Joan Despi font on
safari or google and click the first link
it should let you download it! I’ll do a
tutorial if needed! xx
If you don’t give tc I will report and block you! xx

All my color codes for my theme!

I’ll do a tut if you don know how to import color codes!