Who are we?

Smïsles is a black owned, family business. The name Smïsles was created with combining the word "smile" and our family name "Isles".

We are a home based business providing a cosmetic teeth whitening since January 2020.

We are trained and certified by Hollywoodwhitening.com, qualification number 21247.


How long is the treatment? and After Care

How long is the treatment?

-This treatment takes a total of 1hr but is broken up in 20-minute sessions. However please allow approximately 1hr and 30 minutes for preparation before treatment and aftercare.


-Avoid consuming any drinks or food that could stain your teeth for a minimum of 3hrs and also minimise smoking for up 24hrs.

-Please keep in mind the gel is still active after your treatment and will continue to lighten for at least 8hrs, so try to avoid cold drinks/food to avoid sensitivity.

 -Avoid brushing your teeth for at least 30 minutes after your treatment, unless you use sensitive toothpaste, which we recommend you use.


Does it hurt? & What results can you expect?

Does this treatment hurt?

-No this process is not painful, however, some may experience minor sensitivity for a few hours after the treatment. Sensitivity depends on the person and we will always monitor you throughout the process.

What results can you expect?

-The results of cosmetic teeth whitening will vary for each individual client but most clients will see differences between 2- 5 shades lighter. However, please keep in mind this is not permanent but oral hygiene and eating habits will affect how fast the whitening fades.


Who this treatment suitable for?

- You must be over 16 years old, not pregnant, and have no dental conditions such as open cavities.

-This treatment CANNOT change the colour of new crowns, veneers or fillings. If you have any old crowns, veneers or fillings the treatment may change them back to their original colour but this is not certain.

Our Prices

•£65 per teeth whitening session

•£20 deposit is required

DM, Email or Use out HereWeBook system to book your session.