About me

Live with passion for intention in your every day

Hey y’all!
I'm Alysa. A newlywed, lover of coffee and home decor, passionate about Jesus and friendship, doodle lover, and enjoying the fact that I'm actually keeping my house plants alive (for now). I have a passion for living intentionally and want to encourage women to do the same. Over time, this passion fired my soul because the more I look around, the more I see so many missed opportunities.

I believe it’s important for us to analyze the intention and character of our hearts; to seek out how we can be more intentional in the relationships God has placed right in front of us with the time we still have. Intentional living starts here. In our heart. Our character. Our life style. If you long to live with purpose and intention, it can start here!

I started this blog in order to cultivate a community of those who long to pursue holiness together.

It is through this that I am sharing practical wisdom and a collection of goods to spur you on in your every day to live more intentionally as well as authentically, and of course I share fun passions along the way! Because I have many! But, My main goal is to spark a desire in you to pursue holiness as a lifestyle woven into every aspect of your every day; even if it’s just 1 person- that you will take truth you experience here and create a community around you that will inspire and transform others. So you, too can grow in your relationships. Join in the community as we pursue holiness together 📖☕️✨🙌🏼