So What Is Snailz?

Snailz is a booking and payment platform for beauty salons available on both mobile apps and the web. With hundreds of salons on the platform to choose from, it improves the salon experience by enabling online booking and contactless payments, along with verified reviews and digital loyalty rewards.


Where is Snailz offered?

Snailz is currently offered at hundreds of salons across Manhattan, Brooklyn, and Northern New Jersey and we’re also expanding into other areas. New salons will be added every week.

Do I need to download an app?

We suggest using our apps for the best experience. However, you can book salons on our website,

How do I sign-up?

Signing up is free! Select the Sign Up button and enter your name, email, and password and start using Snailz right away. You can easily reset your password by going to the bottom of the Log In screen on our iOS or Android app, if you ever forget your login.

How do I book an appointment?

You can book appointments in multiple ways. You can use quick links to your most recently booked services and browse through our popular categories. Utilize the map feature in search results to browse by a location which best suits you. Also, you can search by type of service or by salon, or scroll through your favorites. Select your service, date and time and then press Reserve at the bottom and you are booked.

What are Snailz Rewardz?

Snailz Rewardz is the industry's first rewards program for nail and beauty salon bookings. How it works is, you will automatically earn 1 point for every dollar of spend and redeem for salon services. We can also digitize the loyalty programs at your favorite salons. If you every want to check your points balance and loyalty cards, you can do so on the homescreen of our iOS and Android apps.

Julian Michaels speaks fitness, self-care and app creation with Lori Sardoff, Founder of Snailz

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Coolest Nail Art Designs Of 2021

IDK about you, but one thing I always have on my mind is what new nail design will I try out next. There’s always new designs coming out to be played around with. Here’s a list of our top picks. Feel free to indulge yourself in nails worth copying!

Zebra Print

Zebra print is on of the biggest nails art trends today, and like many other prints, it is here to stay! This Zebra print can be combined and looks great with different colors, shapes and textures. Put these all together and you’ll have a Zebra Print set to die for!

Marble Nails

If you haven’t tried the Marble nail design then what are you doing?! With these super cool swirls, your nails will stand out INSTANTLY! This design is super creative can be done for ANY occasion.

Traditional French Tips

Now we all know these are a CLASSIC!!! Traditional French Tips are defined by the stripe across the tip of your nail, which separates the clear/pink base from the rest. Well, here’s a set with a ‘little’ twist to it. Instead of going for your regular style you did ages ago, try out this popping colored version.

Most Recommended Forms of Waxing

Waxing is quick, easy and lasts longer than plenty other hair removal options, if you’re looking to get rid of extra body hair. Plenty of you may be familiar with the two main types of waxing which are the hard wax and sugar wax. Well, here’s a list of 3 most recommended types of body wax.

Fruit Wax

Just like hard wax, fruit wax is also recommended for sensitive skin. It is rich in antioxidants and vitamins which aids in skin nourishment. Fruit Wax is ideal for face waxing, especially places such as the eyebrows. Reason being, it is due to the ingredients of this wax which will not cause irritation. Fruit Waxing is not a hot technique and can be done at home by combining your favorite fruits with ingredients such as lemon juice and granulated sugar.

Chocolate Wax

Chocolate Wax, just like the Fruit Wax is, loaded with skin benefits. This is the ideal choice of wax for skin prone to redness, due to the main ingredient Cocoa, which is rich in anti-inflammatory compounds. Chocolate Wax is said to be the least painful, however it costs a bit more compared to others due to its benefits.

Sugar Wax

Sugar waxing is said to be around for a number of centuries. Just like the Fruit and Chocolate wax, Sugar wax is also made of natural ingredients and is perfect for sensitive skin. This is to be casted on the hair opposed to the skin. Because the texture of the Sugar Wax is gel-like, it can removed and reused on the skin until done.

Best Massages To Try Out!!

A massage is said to be the manipulation of soft bodily tissues for the treatment of pain or stress.


So, many of you may have heard of the term Reflexology, but not know what exactly it consists of. Well... let’s find out!

To begin with, the people how practice this technique are called reflexologist. Their duty is to apply a great amount of pressure to places such as the feet, ears and hands. This practice is usually very relaxing as it is removing energy blockages and benefiting the body.

These benefits includes:

• A Reduction of Stress/Anxiety
• Ease Arthritis Pain
• Improved Digestion
• Treat Nerve Problems

Swedish Massage

A Swedish Massage is recommended for those who are new to the massage world. This massage is a very gentle type of full body massage which uses a combination of techniques such as:

• Passive Joint Movements
• Long Flowing Strokes
• Kneading
• Deep Circular Motions

These techniques help to release built up tension in the bonier, more delicate parts of the body, which is a very relaxing and energizing process.

Deep Tissue

Unlike the Swedish massage, the Deep Tissue Massage requires more pressure. This is recommended for those with extremely chronic muscle pain, soreness, tight muscles and anxiety.
Even though this process seems to be more intense, pain or soreness should not be a worry.

Deep Tissue massage offers plenty of physical benefits and is said to help with:

• Sport Injuries
• Chronic Back Pain
• Joint Pain
• Increasing Blood Flow
• Reduction of Inflammation

Hot Stone Massage

During this massage, hot stones heated between 130 and 145 degrees are placed on specific parts of the body. This type of massage therapy is used to aid damaged bodily tissues and ease tense muscles throughout the body.

The Stones are Placed on These Following Areas:

• The Spine
• Feet and Toes
• Palms
• Chest
• Stomach

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu is a massage that works with the body’s energy flow. It is a Japanese traditional massage that make use of acupressure to regain proper balance to the body.

There are plenty of benefits surrounding the Shiatsu Massage, which includes:

• Relief from Headaches
• Healing from Sprains
• Improves Circulation
• Relief from Arthritis
• Reduce from Anxiety and Depression

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